Thursday, October 29, 2015

Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by BenCab

Smart Infinity just released a limited edition Samsung Galaxy Note 5 designed by Benedicto "BenCab" Cabrera. Smart Infinity combined contemporary art into the device by combining BenCab's art into the phone. These phones will be limited and will have a phone edition number engraved at the back.

Through the offer, those availing will also receive a BenCab commemorative art book, a BenCab designed protective hardcover, certificate of authenticity, BenCab's digital wallpaper art, and pre-installed Samsung Art Apps.

This offer is available through Smart Infinity's Consumable LTE Plan 5000. This plan gives subscribers 400 SMS, 4,000 pesos worth of consumable credits, and a 30GB monthly data allocation. Wow! That 30GB data allocation is surely tempting! As they say in Home TV shopping... but wait! There's more! With that, you also get 10,000 pesos GC or 13,000 Mabuhay Miles! Of course, you also get the limited edition "BenCab" Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for FREE.

Aside from Consumable LTE Plan 5000, the limited edition "BenCab" Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is also available through other Smart Infinity plans like Consumable LTE Plan 3500 and Consumable LTE Plan 8000.

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