Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Eurotrip 2015: Allure of the Seas Mediterranean Cruise Day 2 (Palma De Mallorca)

Read with silent "L", Palma de Mallorca is the largest city of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands in Spain. It's a separate island away from the famous city of Madrid and Barcelona. This makes it easily a favorite cruise stop as you'd have to make an extra effort just to go to this island when on a land tour. In this port of call, you'll be docked at the port and this means that you can go down directly to land without having to ride a tender boat. As a little added info, tender boats are used to ferry cruise passengers from the cruise to the port in places where the waters are shallow which prohibits cruise ships from entering or going near the port to dock.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by huge painted letters "WILLKOMMENPALMA". It essentially means, welcome to Palma. On this port of call, we didn't book tours via the ship. What we did was we went down and bought bus tickets which will bring you to the city. It is important that you ask where the pick up point will be (or if there will be any) as you need to go back to the cruise on time, otherwise, the cruise will leave without you.

Let me show you what we saw that day:

Manila Bay! It's an Asian Store selling Asian goods and offering money transfer service.
Neat, clean, and organized. That's how I remember Palma de Mallorca.
Somewhat remind me of Roxas Boulevard. But cleaner. And with fresh air. BUT no trees! So hot!
Some call souvenirs trash. I appreciate them. It's little memories that you display at home to remind you of the place where you bought it.
The famous La Seu Cathedral. Antoni Gaudi did the restoration project in 1901. 
Since we didn't have a tour guide, the entrance fee comes with an audio guide. These guides are quite popular in Europe's tourist destinations. You can explore around at your own pace.
The burst of colors coming from the stained glass up above. This must be what the end of the rainbow looks like.
They say that all you see in Europe are churches. That's just part true. You can also admire the architecture, art, history, and more.
I also love their little alleys and streets. There's something to it that attracts me to these European cities. 
Saw a BMW i3 roaming around town.
Basically, what we did in Palma de Mallorca was visit Le Seu Cathedral, and a little walk around town. Me and my parents went ahead back to the ship as the heat exhausted us and I wanted to eat my free lunch onboard the cruise and my main reason was I want to drink a lot of water because of the heat. Not much trees, remember?

If you ask me now what I remember in this place, I remember this puppet clearly:

First time I saw such. I'm easy to please. Check out our day 3 soon! We are going to Marseille, France!

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