Monday, November 2, 2015

Smart vs Globe Postpaid Plan: iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

In a few more days, people can start availing the new plans and recontracting offers from Smart and Globe postpaid as the newest iPhone units will be officially released in the market on November 6, 2015. This year, will Smart still be the best bang for your buck deal when it comes to getting a subsidized unit? Let's take a quick look at the offer of both telcos.

Looking plainly at the numbers, Smart wins in the above mentioned postpaid plans. If you notice in the first table comparing the plan from Smart and Globe offering iPhone 6s, Globe's total cash out is just 24 pesos cheaper. But, if you take a look, the plan you'll get under Smart is Plan 2000 wherein you'll only get Plan 1799 from Globe. Also, Smart has an additional offer wherein you can avail the said devices with no cash out! You'll be locked-in for 30-months though but it still is a better option compared to having no choice at all.

In the second table for the iPhone 6s Plus, Smart is cheaper by P800 pesos compared to Globe and Smart has an option for you to avail of the iPhone 6s Plus with no cash out. If you think about it, those extended contracts are somewhat additional subsidies, not only to your device, but also to your plan. For example, the discounted cash out of P4,000, if you get the 30-month lock in is also equivalent to almost 133 pesos a month, effectively making your monthly plan to only P2,366 for 30 months. Not bad.

Here are additional perks for both:

I prefer Smart's flexibility by offering SMS and Calls valid to all networks. Globe's unlimited SMS to all networks is a nice touch. As you can see above, other than having access to all those apps via the All-month surf, Smart has this offer of free access to an app of your choice. In terms of "free access" to apps, Smart has way more.

Both have nice set of additional perks but Smart offers a bit more in terms of lifestyle related perks for travel, transportation, and shopping. Also, you get to join Smart's Share the Joy campaign where you could win another premium device as they are giving several, daily!

So far, Smart has been offering the best deals for the most wanted and awaited phone release of the year. I guessed it right, I guess. Looks like Smart has got it again this year.

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