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5 Reasons why MyPhone My28 is a deal you must not miss at 888 pesos

Good deals are all around us but great deals are harder to find! This is why I just had to get myself a unit when I heard that Smart and MyPhone is coming out with a smartphone package that costs just 888 pesos, no fine prints, no hidden charges, and no strings attached! To tell you the truth, you'll be getting more than just a smartphone. It comes with tons of freebies! Hard to believe? Read on.

I can't help but think how such a capable phone can just be sold at 888 pesos! Remember the time when a Nokia 5110 costs 13,000 pesos or the Nokia 8210, when it was first released was selling for 20,000 pesos? To think that all it can do was calls and SMS and Snake. Of course, it was more than a decade ago but if you think about it, this smartphone deal, which can do a lot more is just being sold for 888 pesos!

Here are 5 reasons why the MyPhone My28 is a GREAT deal:

1) The package
I was surprised when I got my package. Not only did I get a smartphone, I also got 2 SIM cards, a limited edition sports watch, and deals included with the SIM card! Inside the MyPhone My28 box, you'll get:
(1) MyPhone My28 unit
(1) 1450mAh battery
(1) USB cable
(1) USB AC power adapter charger
(1) Headset with mic and remote
(1) Smart prepaid SIM
(1) Talk n Text SIM
and a bunch of papers (quick start guide, warranty certificate, etc)

The SIM card comes with a bunch of offers and deals like FREE 100MB data monthly and Php30 monthly load rebate. Another freebie I got was a sports watch. Although it might not cost much, I'm sure a lot of people will still appreciate an added, unannounced freebie!

If you ask me, the USB cable, AC power charger, and headset would already cost Php200. The 2 SIM cards will be valued at Php60, and the deals would translate to roughly around Php400-Php500 in value. Even if the watch doesn't seem much, I would peg the value at 40 pesos. Just all those would equate to around 800 pesos already. We haven't factored the phone value yet which I think could be easily sold at 1,000 to 1,500. This is itself is a steal already!

2) Watch thousands of movies
A decade ago, all the entertainment you can do with your phone was play "Snake". Now, with this smartphone, the entertainment value will translate into months or even years, non-stop! Since you have a Smart sim on the phone, you also get free iFlix subscription for 3 months! A value of 129 pesos per month! Also, there's a lot of Smart prepaid packages that comes with free iFlix data allocation and subscription.

From movies to TV shows to teleseryes, iFlix has it all. Choose from the thousands of available shows and if you want, you can even download the movies to your phone, straight from iFlix! Since the built-in capacity of the phone is just at 8GB, I recommend that you get yourself one of those now affordable 32GB MicroSD cards so you can download movies ready for a long road trip or plane ride ahead. To read more about iFlix, check out my other post about it at:

3) Listen to music via Spinnr or make this as your audio player
More of a music person? Like iFlix, this phone also has Spinnr pre-installed in your device! You can listen to hours of music via Spinnr or if you prefer, download your own library of music to your Micro SD card. Yes, this phone can support MicroSD cards up to 32GB. That's a lot of music! If you think about it, there's not even many music players available at this price range. And for 888, you're buying a smartphone! Not just a music player.

Take note, this unit has Bluetooth as well so you can enjoy your music wirelessly. Adding to that, I've already tried the headset packaged with the MyPhone My28 and it is not bad at all! The design is modern and it has mic and controls. The audio quality is clear making listening to music enjoyable and the mic is sensitive enough to hear your voice but not the background noise very much.

4) Viber, Facebook, Messenger apps, and all the internet!
No smartphone will ever be complete without the basic apps. Viber? Check! Facebook? Check! Instagram? Check! It can all be used with this phone! I love how Smart is making technology affordable by offering these deals. The internet is a vast source of resource where education can be limitless. By providing this deal, not only can people learn more but also, they can easily communicate with each other, play educational games with each other, or be updated with current events by reading the news here and abroad!

The MyPhone My28 Smartphone
5) Don't forget. It's a capable smartphone
888 pesos doesn't seem like a price for a smartphone but for this Smart x MyPhone offer, 888 really is the price for a smartphone! Don't think that because it's very affordable, it's a substandard smartphone. I'm not saying it can play games that require highend specs but it can play decent games enough to entertain you for hours. I'm not saying that it can take high resolution, high quality photos. It cannot. But it can take photos. It has dual SIM and a clear WVGA display. What more can you ask for? Check out the specs of the MyPhone My28 below:

4.0" WVGA Display
1.2GHz Quad-Core Processor
Android 5.1 Lollipop
5MP Main Camera
2MP Front Facing Camera
8GB ROM (Up to 32GB MicroSD)
Dual SIM

In the aesthetics department, it's not lacking as well! It's very presentable and not cheap looking. Neither does it feel like you are holding a toy made up of cheap plastics. It's actually decent enough to look like one of those higher priced and more known branded smartphones. The MyPhone My28 is available in 5 colors (blue, red, white, yellow, black).

Check out the sample photos we took:

Overall, for 888 pesos, this phone is a steal! It really is the #SMARTphoneForAll! I'm not sure how long this deal will last but from what I've heard, it's hard to get hold of a unit already because of the high demand. According to Smart though, they are replenishing stocks as fast as they can. It's available for sale in the Smart online store but in case they run out of stock, you can fill up this form and they'll notify you once it's available.

For more info about this deal, check out:

Want to buy the MyPhone My28 online? Check out this step-by-step instructions:

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