Sunday, February 7, 2016

5 Reasons Why Smart Big Bytes 15 is the most affordable entertainment bundle

It's more fun in the Philippines. Some mean it sarcastically but others really mean what they say. Whether it's about travel or entertainment, there are a lot of reasons why IT IS more fun here, in the Philippines. One of which is in the aspect of entertainment. Isn't it fun how tech and entertainment can now provide Filipinos in all corners of the Philippine affordable "fun"? As technology and services evolve and improve, so does the offer and pricing, as they become more and more lighter on the pocket for everyone.

Here are 5 reasons why Smart Big Bytes 15 is yet the most affordable entertainment bundle available to date:

1) 15 pesos for 2 days!
A lot of offers are available but some of those affordable offers are only good for 24 hours. There are times that a 1-day offer isn't the best because you cannot really maximize it as you also need to do other things and there are times that by the time you remember you still have time left, it is almost over. With Smart Big Bytes 15, this offer just costs 15 pesos and is already good for 2 days! Perfect for weekends or to fill those boring waiting-in-traffic or waiting-in-line times (where Philippine red tape is really good at).

2) Guilt free entertainment
Sure, there are a lot of pirated and illegal entertainment options out there. But nothing lets you enjoy more knowing what you are watching is sourced legally. Remember, watching pirated stuff is similar to stealing because you are stealing the artist's earnings. And remember, a lot of other people doing it doesn't make it legal.

3) Download 2 full-length movies on iflix
Think of it this way. Seven pesos and 50 centavos per movie. How more affordable can it be? If you share that movie with a friend by watching it at the same time, costs can go down even more because more people are enjoying it! Besides, you can even download it and have your friend watch it at a later time. With the Smart Big Bytes 15 bundle, you can already download 2 full-length movies. Guilt free. Legally. With Smart's fast network, you'll be enjoying those movies in an instant. (I do speedtests from time to time. Do check out my Instagram account to see my results.)

4) Thousands of choices
Thanks to Smart and iflix, Smart Prepaid subscribers can now enjoy thousands of movies to choose from! For just 15 pesos, you get to choose from a rich library of movies worth thousands of hours. From comedy to drama, horror to action, even TV shows.. iflix has them all! Better yet, head on over to iflix and check out the plethora of options. Take note, you are not limited to watching in a single location. Download your iflix movies and watch it, whenever, wherever!

5) Several apps to choose from
If you prefer to just watch a single full-length movie, no worries. With Smart Big Bytes 15, you can use the rest of the data for other apps like Spinnr, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Dubsmash, & Skype Qik. Heck, if you prefer to use one of those apps  only, you can use the entire allocation of Smart Big Bytes 15 purely for those apps!

It's a holiday tomorrow because it is Chinese New Year. Staying at home and want to watch and entertain yourselves? Change the way you watch movies with Smart Big Bytes 15! Nothing cheaper and more affordable than availing this offer because really, for 15 pesos, you can legally enjoy and download 2 full-length movies already! It's a nice way to just chill out and enjoy the long weekend watching iflix! See? It's more fun in the Philippines specially if it is this affordable to watch movies legally!

Enjoy your movies! Hooray for #SmartBigBytes!

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Note: This offer is available for Smart Prepaid Subscribers

To avail of the offer, dial *121# from your mobile phone and select Smart Big Bytes 15.
OR text BYTES15 to 9999

Images above from Smart and iflix website
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