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Discovery Shores Boracay: Best Luxury Resort in Boracay Experience (Part 2: Turn down service, the pool, and private dinner by the beach at Indigo)

The first few hours of our stay here in Discovery Shores Boracay already made us feel that it was our best among the rest of our Boracay experiences yet. From arrival to the transfers to arriving at this paradise, everything was well thought of and it will feel like you are coming home. After our ginormous lunch, we had a relaxing nap prior to heading our for our picturesque sunset paraw sailing. Read all about that on my first post here. After that, we prepared for our dinner, only Indigo restaurant can provide throughout Boracay. Read on.

Relaxing pool
Since it was still early, we decided to enjoy a quick dip into the heated pool while appreciating the clear skies above us as it slowly turned from orange into night. The pool was my source of exercise during this trip as you can do quick short laps multiple times. After that, we tried the jacuzzi and relaxed there for a bit, chatting, and enjoying each others company. There's also a pool bar where you can order drinks but since this was before dinner, we wanted to leave some space. By the pool, there were also staff stationed. They are ready to provide any assistance you might need from getting you something to drink, to providing warm, dry towels. They also act as pool side house keeping because when I left my shirt on the loungers, it was just left in an unorderly manner. After swimming, it was folded like it came from the pressers.

As we went back into our room, it was already made. Turndown service with complimentary snacks are provided daily. On our first night, we were given cassava cake. We didn't consume it immediately as it was very near dinner time. We fixed ourselves and prepared to have our dinner at Indigo restaurant.

Romantic dinner for two by the beach
As we arrived for our reserved dinner, we were captivated at how enchanting the setup looked like. It's one of those setups that when people see, they'd think that whoever will be dining there would probably propose. It's what proposals are made of. I thank Discovery Shores Boracay's Indigo restaurant for this setup because being a not-so-romantic guy, I think their setup will make any unromantic guy score some romantic points with his girl.

Just as planned, we wanted to have a slow dinner, talking, enjoying good food, and fully appreciating the ambiance that we are in. We are by the beach, with a candle light in between of us, and a background music of the waves crashing on the shores. If that wasn't "movie-perfect" enough, the set menu we had was equally as memorable. It's one of the best dinners we've had in our life. I can just imagine this easily as the perfect place to have valentine's date.

On the menu was:
Appetizer: Amuse Bouche
Starter: Prawn and Mango Salad
Soup: Bacon and Corn Chowder
Main: Braised Short Ribs
Dessert: Chocolate Marquise

Amuse Bouche
Prawn and Mango Salad
Bacon and Corn Chowder
 I highly recommend this set menu! Even though I'm writing this months after my actual visit, I clearly remeber that I enjoyed every bit of it. The prawn and mango salad was done perfectly. Other than the prawns being fresh, the sweet mango matched the sweet chili dressing and the cucumber on the side. I would've ordered 2 sets for me if I just knew it would be this good! For the soup, I wasn't expecting much because I was thinking, how good can a bacon and corn chowder be? Well, for some reason, it did become the best bacon and corn chowder I have ever tried! It was so creamy and the bacon bits were still crunchy even though it was floating with the soup. While I attempted to squeeze out every last drop out of it, I stopped myself and left a few drops because we were already full and we haven't reached main course yet!

Braised Short Ribs
It's a good thing that we enjoyed the first two dishes served because this third one, the main course, was braised beef. That thing was huge! As soon as I saw it, I knew I couldn't finish it. It was those fall-of-the-bone type of ribs with the sauce not overpowering the natural taste of the beef. It was tender and even though it was not wagyu beef, it literally melted in our mouth! So far, I'm still waiting for a dish that is just so-so so I can take a rest. None of those so-so dishes so far!

Chocolate Marquise
Finally, dessert. My stomach cannot take it anymore. If my tummy would just have those expandable compartments, it would come in handy that night. Since my wife loves chocolates more than I do, I left the job for her to describe it. To make it easier, I said, just think of one word that best describes the dessert we are eating. She said, heavenly. Well, it's not hard to comprehend that but it's also not easy to translate it to a language our tongue understands. There are just times that our tongues can better process the feeling more than words can reach. Bottom line, it was that good!

Everything was good from start to finish! If you are looking for the best, romantic, fine dining experience in Boracay, I would think that this is it. It is a must try and a must taste! Other hotels may offer a fine dining setting but I cannot think of any other high end resorts offering such personalized service providing this kind of ambiance, food, and experience in Boracay. I highly recommend that you try them even though you are staying in a different resort. Better if you are staying with them as well because that way, you get to experience the full and best Boracay experience ever!

Check out other photos of the Indigo restaurant that night!

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