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Discovery Shores Boracay: Best Luxury Resort in Boracay Experience (Part 3: Breakfast buffet, massage, Italian lunch at Sands, and beach area)

The sleep we had was one of the best in months! Having a baby at home who wakes up in different hours at night is not relaxing. Since we don't even get the chance to have dates during anymore, this mini vacation we are having is everything we have ever wanted-- just a quick getaway to get some peace and quiet. We started our day #2 around 630am. Instead of swimming, since the weather was perfect, we just took a stroll along the beach to take some photos and enjoy the scenery while there aren't much people yet. After enjoying our walk, our growling tummies were craving for some breakfast food. Having experienced good service, great food, and memorable experiences on our first day, one can't help but think how this day is going to be even better. Read on.

Like many of my best vacations, our plan today was to have no plans. After having our breakfast, we suddenly changed our minds from having no plans and decided to have the best plan ever -- to get a massage at Discovery Shore Boracay's Terra Wellness Spa. Sounds like a good plan, right? First, here's what we had for breakfast.

Breakfast @ Sands Restaurant
Check out the breakfast buffet spread we had that morning. Yum!

Sooo many choices! Their bread section has always been a must-try since all the breads and jams are homemade. For the egg station, to prevent long queues, they make a few pieces of eggs and place them on warmers so that diners can just pick their choice. If you want them cooked fresh, you can just approach the egg station for it. For a small restaurant, I am quite impressed that they offer a wide variety of food for their breakfast buffet. If you are a fan of European breakfast like cereals, milk and yogurt or a person who loves the classic American breakfast with sausages, pancakes, and waffles, you won't be disappointed. If you're into something more healthier like salads or something heavier like rice and congee, they have viands offered to match those too.

We were also given glasses of freshly made mango cucumber shake and it was refreshing! Adds to the tropical island ambiance as you can see the beach just in front of you. As a finale, we didn't even have to ask. We were given fresh fruits. We could barely move afterwards!  So again, we decided to take a short walk before heading back to our room.

As we were walking, we saw the Jonah's Milk Shake store. We wanted to try it but then, we were already provided with a plethora of fresh fruits and they even made us fresh shakes. It's like our own Jonah's shake served to us during breakfast.. even fresher. We decided to carry on and just walked more to digest the food we ate. Believe me, if returned to the room immediately after, I'd feel sleepy. After a nice 20-minute walk, we went back to the room to relax and waited for our spa appointment.

Terra Wellness Spa
Welcome drinks @ Terra Wellness Spa
Located just near the lobby, there's a staircase leading to the spa on the second level of DSB. We were hoping that they can accommodate us. Since it was in the morning and not much people have massage in the morning, we were lucky to have a slot. I didn't know how well-known this spa was until we booked. They were already booked for the afternoon and evening! Right there and then,we chose a treatment among the many available choices. What's even better was, they let you smell the aroma of the oil to be used by dabbing just a wee bit into your hand.

By the way, there is a form to be filled up. This will contain all your preferences, allergies etc. This will make sure that your treatment will be smooth and relaxing. No more asking questions in between the treatment! After choosing the oil to be used and filling up the form, we went to the third level to go to our private room for two. It looked like a suite in there! It has a separate room for massage and another room with jacuzzi, shower, and a dresser with all the amenities you might need! If there's one thing they are consistent with, it's making your vacation worry-free!

Treatment menu

We had their signature massage. Although we scheduled it before lunch, we wanted to sleep already as it was very relaxing! In our private massage room, there is a shower room, a dresser, a bath tub (we didn't use it) and a separate room for the massage treatment. Inside, there's relaxing spa music playing and dimly lit even though it was noon. The therapists were good and well trained. You'll know that if you are fond of having massages. It was so relaxing that it took less than 10 minutes for me to doze off. If you are in Boracay and you want some R&R, Terra Wellness Spa is highly recommended! (You can check out more info about Terra Wellness Spa here:

Italian Lunch at Sands Restaurant
During our first day, we had a good Filipino ala carte lunch at Sands Restaurant. Their versatility is really something else. If ever there is something that you would want, off the menu, you can simply make a request and if they have the ingredients, they would be more than happy to make it for you. I asked the chef about this so I know. This time, we are trying their set menu. They were having Italian set this day. By this time, we should be wise enough to know that we are probably walking off the restaurant very full again.

Watermelon Salad
Fettucini Carbonara
Baby Back Ribs
Discovery Signature Cake
and yes, we were right. We were soooo full after this meal. No meal would ever end with you feeling hungry here in Discovery Shores Boracay! Everything starting from the watermelon salad was exquisite! They know how to put a special touch in each and every dish that they serve. Salad was fresh and the fruits inside it were really sweet and fresh as well. This could've converted a non-salad eater to a salad eater in no time! I love pasta and I was setting my expectations high already. I know a good pasta when I taste it and yes, as expected again, the pasta was great. You know what? I'm having a hard time doing a review of this resort already. Everything is great and these experiences are increasing my expectations up a notch! Seeing the baby back ribs, I don't even need to explain how good it was. While some food might look good but taste meh, well, the baby back ribs in Sands restaurant tastes as good as it looks! Thankfully, I don't have to review the cake because I'm not a fan of one. My wife enjoyed every bit of the cake.

Check out Sands Restaurant here:

Lounging around the private beach area of DSB

And we thought our day couldn't be any better. So far, everything we experienced was incomparable to any of the vacations we already had. Surprisingly, as simple as lounging around the private beach area of Discovery Shores Boracay can be an awesome experience as well. While relaxing by the beach area, their loungers were very clean. Apparently, they aren't contented with that. As you approach one of the loungers, a staff would help you set it up, give you towels and another towel to be used as a cover, used like a bed linen. As you get your stuff ready (book, tablet, whatever), another staff would approach you to ask if you would need anything from water to anything you want to order to eat or drink. They also provide free snacks and drinks from time to time! This was the two most memorable things that happened that afternoon. There's a staff solely responsible for spraying Evian mist to cool you off AND another staff to provide a sunglasses cleaning service! This is really service at its' best!

At first, I was hesitant to have my sunglasses cleaned because I am very concerned with the lens being scratched as it was expensive. The staff reassured me that they are using a special solution for sunglasses and they are using a microfiber cloth so it won't be scratched. Well, I tried the service and yes, my shades wasn't scratched. I should have bought my laptop with me and maybe ask him a favor to clean the screen for me since I very seldom clean the screen. lol.

While waiting for the sun to tone down a bit, me and my wife relaxed. When it was time to swim, we simply left whatever we had with us on the loungers and went straight to the beach. No need to worry about your stuff getting lost. They have security all over the place. This not only makes you feel secure when swimming but also while staying in their property. The guard surprisingly also knows me by my name. They beat Starbucks in terms of personalized service! I never even told the security my name!

On my next post, I will write about the property tour we had requested as I wanted to see the different rooms and amenities they have. After that, we had the best boodle fight dinner ever! This trip surely broke a lot of records and I am not wondering why this property has won tons of awards already! Imagine, having been all over Europe, going on a cruise twice, and around Asia just in 2015, and still, we consider our quick vacation here as one of the best, it really is the best! Thinking about it, of course, this is Discovery Shores Boracay which is part of the Discovery Leisure Company group. They are well known for their superior service, personalized touch, and vacations that will be etched in your memories for as long as you live. Truly, they are the best luxury resort in Boracay!

Check out my Discovery Shores Review Part 4 after this.

To know more about Discovery Shores Boracay and their other properties, visit:

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