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Discovery Shores Boracay: Best Luxury Resort in Boracay Experience (Part 4: Going around the property, amenities, and the ultimate boodle fight dinner)

From the amazing treatments at the Terra Wellness Spa, to the gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Sands PLUS a dinner for two by the beach at Indigo, to a wonderful relaxing pool and jacuzzi, so far, they have it all here at Discovery Shores Boracay. Not only do they have it but, they have it and serve it in style. Truly a luxury resort in Boracay that one needs if you want to escape and get some R&R. On our second day, we were curious as to how the other rooms looked like. Luckily, they have some suites that are available that day for us to see! Check out some photos and videos of the suites that we were able to visit. Take note though that for higher suites like the two-bedroom suite premiere, reservations can be hard as it is often booked, specially during the holidays. Read on and check out the other suite categories, amenities, and a Filipino-inspired dinner that is only available here in the entire island of Boracay!

Check out this video tour first before I show you the most coveted room in the entire resort -- the two-bedroom premier suite! Enjoy the video below.

As I mentioned, they have it all! From a beach side bar to pool tables, karaoke rooms to conference rooms, they have it! They even have a small library and a kids room to keep the kids busy! But the best part of all is the nicest suite of them all. Check out the two-bedroom premier suite below! I made it as sequential as possible so read the caption as I walk you through the 120-square meter suite.

As you enter the room, that's the door you will come in to. You'll first be greeted by a 4-seater dining table as seen in the photo.
Immediately after that, here's your view overlooking the sofa from your private living room.
Here's a top view of the living room.
By the dining table is a convenient sink with a ref below and coffee machine above it.
As your eyes sweep to the right, you'll see there the flat screen tv, iPod dock, and a side table for your turn-down service snacks and welcome snacks!
Here's a closer look at the lovely table. Currently, it has some magazines and a tic-tac-toe game.
By the living room is a sofa which is used for the welcome massage ritual they have in almost all Discovery owned properties. 
Going inside the room, here are two huge comfortable beds.
With a luggage rack by the left, another iPod dock, and another flat screen television.
As you go towards the left of the room, you'll see a bathroom with bath tub and a rain shower.
In the same bathroom but with an enclosure is the toilet area.
As if it wasn't enough, by the living area is another bathroom where your visiting guests can use. This is also near the private jacuzzi which I will show you later.
The guest bathroom also has rain shower.
The guest bathroom is there by the white opaque door, while the brown door to your right is the main entrance I showed you earlier. 
Going up to the second level...
There's a classic wood planked hallway before entering the other room.
This is the room on the second level. Much cozier and classier as it feaures wooden floors.
There's also another washroom on the second level.
Also with bath tub and rain shower.
All bathrooms are generously equipped with basic necessities like soap, shampoo, lotion, etc.
Looking towards the room from the bathroom.
Look towards the ground level from the room on the second level.
Overlooking the living area from the second level.
Looking up from the living room to the second level.
Going out the sliding door behind the living area is where your private jacuzzi will be. 
Amazing views all day and all night, guaranteed! This is simply the best room AND the room to be in Discovery Shores Boracay!
This was the most amazing room in all suite categories in DSB. It won't matter whatever season you visit Boracay because this room simply has the best views, the best amenities, and the best luxury feel all over Boracay. Plus, you get bragging rights for having stayed at such an awesome room with a private jacuzzi on your balcony!

We learned a lot about the resort and the company during the tour. I don't think other resorts in Boracay can provide such list of amenities combined with good service, which they call, service with a heart. You'll really feel that in all their properties as I've visited their other properties as well. After the tour, we headed back to the room to freshen up as we are preparing to have the only Filipino feast available here in the entire island of Boracay -- Boodle fight!

Our Sands Restaurant Boodle Fight dinner experience
We were curious as to where they will setup the boodle fight dinner as there were a lot of us. Turns out, they have a special table with a nice ambient-changing setup for such dinners. I would guess any special dinners you would want to have here can be setup like this.

As the food arrived, it immediately filled the table as we looked how they needed several people to carry the entire thing. it was served as a whole set in a wooden plank covered in leaves. On it was the entire dinner -- several kinds of viands, rice, appetizer, and more! Just looking at it makes me hungry again because it was simply the best dinner yet as they served almost all my Filipino favorites like longanisa, tocino, liempo etc! The appetizer was also good having green mango mixed with bagoong.

In front of you is a placemat made of leaves. It will also serve as your plate. The small bottles are different kinds of sauces for the viands in the middle while the one in the small pot is your soup. Boodle fights are known all over the country and feasted upon not only to celebrate but to also bond and improve camaraderie towards each other. You usually use hands but since we were served soup that night, that explains why there is a single spoon in the setup. Using hands eating is more enjoyable (and flavorful) and as you go on, you'll enjoy eating as well as talking with each other, more than the usual dinner. It's a unique dinner once must try when visiting the Philippines and specially when in Boracay. Take note though that a lot of resorts have attempted to do this but so far, only Discovery Shores Boracay has perfected it and as far as I know, only here, in the entire island of Boracay can you try a boodle fight dinner. There are also several kinds of boodle fight dinner menu available. That night, we had the Filipino set. See my short video interview of the chef below. (To follow, currently uploading)

Since it rained a bit that night, the staff was quick to respond and transferred us to the lounge area connecting several tables to accommodate the long boodle fight viand plank. We didn't even had to do anything as they were ready to help in an instant. Overall, please, do not leave Boracay without trying this. Simply inform the chef a few hours ahead of time if you plan on having a boodle fight and they can prepare it for you. No need to be a guest in this resort to try the boodle fight or any of their amazing services like the spa treatments, but of course, for the complete Discovery Shores Boracay experience, it is a must to try their resort as well.

Here's more information about Sands Restaurant.

It's our last night here in this wonderful island of Boracay. It's harder to leave specially if you are staying in a resort like Discovery Shores. Some vacations make you not like going home because of the experience and thinking that you'll go back to reality. This resort also does that but it does more -- the feeling of leaving a resort that sort of feels like home, complete with service that is top notch and food that is the best of the best, made it very hard for us to leave. It's as if you wanted to extend a few days more but because of time constraints, we can't. I suggest that you try this resort a minimum of 3 nights and, the more the better. Of course, there are cost implications but if what you want is the ultimate R&R with good food, the ultimate in luxury, and a wonderful service, look no further.

Even on our last day, the service and good experience didn't stop. As we woke up, we had our usual breakfast but today, we took our time eating and enjoying the wonderful beach view because around lunch time, we would have to leave the resort already to catch our flight back to Manila. As our luggage was hauled out of the room, we had to say good bye for now but with this experience, I know that me and my wife would go back here soon with our son with us. He would definitely enjoy this resort as much as we did.

We went to the main lobby where our van transfer to the airport was ready to pick us up. Same way in, same way out. We were transferred to the port and road the Discovery boat to the private jetty, and rode another Discovery Shuttle to the airport. As usual, their good service didn't end here. They had one staff assist us until we get to the final waiting area. As she bid adieu, we headed straight up the second level where two lounges are located. One is a private lounge for Discovery Shores Boracay guests. This is how it looked like inside:

Nothing spectacular but just the thought of you not having to save your seats and seat on those cold steel chairs is just as better as nothing. Here, I was able to take a nap comfortably while waiting for our flight as there were only a few others in the room. There were magazines, TV, and cool air conditioning.

That's the Discovery signature. Full service from start to end, with a heart. Such a nice experience and I hope that you can experience this too sooner or later.

To know more about Discovery Shores Boracay and their other properties, visit:

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