Monday, February 22, 2016

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, and iPhone 6s (Chart Comparison)

The Samsung S7 has been officially announced just a few hours ago! It's time to decide again! Will it be worth to change from Apple to Samsung this time? Check out the comparison chart we made below comparing the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6, and the Apple iPhone 6s.

Comparison chart: S7 vs S6 vs iPhone 6s (Simply click on this chart to view a clearer image.)
If you were to ask me, the new notable features of the S7 that will take the cake away would be the IP68 certification, expandable memory up to 200GB, Dual SIM functionality, and the bigger battery life.

The IP68 certification means that the phone is dust proof, and water resistant over 5 feet and 30 minutes. Also, the bigger battery life is a welcome improvement because it was beefed up from S6's 2,550mAh. Just imagine that a larger screened 5.5" iPhone 6 Plus has 2,915mAh. This is a 5.1" device that is smaller but with 3,000mAh. Sounds good, right? As mentioned before, these are all numbers and will differ on real world usage but the improvement in mAh capacity sounds good already!

Interested in the Samsung Galaxy S7? It will launch next month! Pre-order now!

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