Monday, February 1, 2016

Philippine's First Facebook Live Video Hosted by Smart (Live GoPro Streaming and Facebook Live News)

Video streaming will be one of the biggest things this year in technology. Video streaming has been available for years now but it only caught on when video streaming apps came out left and right. With improvement in app UI and ease of use, users increased as apps improved with competition. Two of the best news just this January 2016 is the announcement of Periscope being able to stream live videos from the GoPro Hero 4 Silver and Black via the Periscope app (To be discussed in another article. Click here.) Another is the Facebook Live for .
Facebook live was initially available to celebrities and verified pages 3rd quarter of 2015. Just recently, Facebook announced its availability to beyond celebrities and verified pages. The feature is currently available for iOS but I'm sure Android will get their version soon enough. An advantage you have even to prior to using the feature is that it is already embedded in the app. No need to download a separate app for it. If you are using Facebook for iOS, more or less, you already have it. Otherwise, update your Facebook app. To use it, follow the instructions below.

How to do Facebook Live streaming
1) Open your Facebook app
2) Click "Status" (Upper left hand button)
3) Select the live video icon on the bottom right part

Initially, the app needs you to approve the use of mic and camera. When using it next time, you won't be prompted again. You'll see quick instructions as you go on.

Smart was an early adopter because they have already use it to live stream Love Dance in Dinagyang last January 22, 2016. Love Dance is one of the biggest electronic dance music celebrations at the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo. Those following Smart's official account in Facebook will get a notification. Once clicked, they will be redirected to the live video streaming. What's great about this is that people can comment in show their reactions interactively. Each of those live streamed videos are automatically uploaded to Smart's Facebook page which can be viewed anytime, as long as it isn't removed.

Kathy Carag, Smart Brand Head said, “This new feature not only stretches the capabilities of Facebook, but also opens great possibilities for us to enrich the mobile lifestyle of our subscribers, who can now tune in to witness significant events and share the experience with others in real time – all with just a few taps on their smartphone.”

For the official Press Release from Smart, click here.

This is great news because after Facebook gave us the features, it is up to us now, the users, to innovate and make use of this feature wisely. We Filipinos are known to be very creative and I'm sure that soon enough, this Facebook Live feature will not only connect more people together, but also, entertain people thousands of miles away and maybe even be used in times of needs.

Images above from Facebook and Smart

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