Friday, March 4, 2016

Supercell Releases Another Addicting Game: Clash Royale

Game developer Supercell was the one responsible for the addicting game, Clash of Clans. Just recently released, their latest game Clash Royale is to be the latest craze in mobile gaming. And they are not joking.

The game is different from Clash of Clans. There are some character similarities but the game play is entirely different. It's a mixture of Clash of Clans with a mixture of a card game feel like Hearthstone but more interactive. The main objective of the game is to destroy your opponent's castle and towers. As you progress, you will unlock more arenas and characters which you will find cool because Clash of Clans gamers can easily relate to the characters with wizards, barbarian, archer queen, being present. Even hidden teslas, mortar, and other structures are there.

Launched in other countries first, it got great reviews for creatively merging the card and arena game formats. The game is available for download, free, on iOS app store and Android's Google Play. Just search for Clash Royale.

With this launch, Smart is already ahead of this by providing what the gamers might need. For iOS, purchasing in-app and in-game items like gems in Clash Royale is easy even without a credit card. You just need a mobile number. Read more about pay with mobile here.

If you are an Android user, you can enjoy convenient transactions when you activate Smart’s Google Direct Carrier Billing. Simply go to the Play Store, click ‘My Account’ and enable ‘Smart Communications billing’ under Payment methods. On the other hand, if you are an iOS device user, you can activate Smart’s Pay-With-Mobile service by texting to REG to 4949.

Another great offer from Smart that can help gamers is the "pasa data". Once registered, you can easily share mobile data with your friends. They can use that data to play Clash Royale or other mobile games. They can even stream videos and music on apps like Spinnr, iFlix, and Youtube. They can also use that data for Facebook, Viber, or Instagram among many other apps!

To register to Big Bytes Ba
rkada offers, simply text BBB99 or BBB299 to 9999, respectively, or dial *121# - the all-access portal for all Smart Prepaid promos. Once registered, you can easily make use of PasaData for your friends anytime and anywhere by simply texting SHARENo. of Recipient (Amount)MB to 808.

PasaData can be used with both Big Bytes Barkada 99 (which comes with 700MB valid for 7 days) and Big Bytes Barkada 299 (which offers 2GB valid for 30 days).

This game was also talked about in our Smart Viber group. Be updated. Join us!

For more information, visit the following websites:
Smart x Clash Royale PR

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