Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Most Affordable Pocket WiFi Available EVER for only 888 pesos!

Over the years, those subscribed to my blog will know that I'm a fan of pocket wifi devices. I like using them for several reasons, including the mere fact that you can save your smartphone's battery life and that you can share your connection with others. A few years back when prices of pocket wifi prices started to drop, it eventually became cheaper and cheaper until it was already affordable to buy a pocket WiFi in case you left yours at home and you really need one that moment.

Fast forward to today, I've never seen prices so low for a brand new unit of pocket wifi. From when I started using it where it costed me 8,000 pesos, down to 4,000 pesos then to 2-3,000 pesos. Now, I can say that this is the cheapest pocket wifi offer EVER. For only 888 pesos, same price as the cheapest bundled smartphone by Smart as well, the Smart Bro pocket wifi is currently the most affordable pocket wifi device ever at only 888 pesos.

Make sure though that you get yours ASAP because other than this being a LIMITED offer only, I am pretty sure that people will be purchasing this in droves! Same with the hit 888-pesos smartphone, I suggest that if you are interested, you get one NOW. There is NO lock-in period or contracts! To purchase via the Smart online store, visit

Other than the device itself, there are added bonuses, including a 150MB preloaded data allocation valid for 30-days! Before, pocket wifis can only accommodate 5 users. With this latest model of pocket wifi, it can accommodate up to 10 users with speeds up to 12Mbps!

I've written a lot of pocket wifi articles and stated why it is convenient and a must-have device. Here's a summary: (To read the posts, here they are: 1, 2, 3)
> Share your connection up to 10 people!
> Either that or you can connect up to 10 different devices including laptops, PCs, smartphone, etc
> Very portable so you can bring it anywhere
> Saves smartphone battery

After the free allocated data included upon purchasing the pocket wifi, the best bundle to subscribe to is SurfMax85. Why? All day surfing up to 800MB per day, valid for 2 days! That is a very good offer and it will only cost you around 40 pesos a day! For more info about Smart's SurfMax85, visit

Don't forget that it is summer time and there will be a lot of trips and getaways! What better way to spend them by having a pocket wifi and a connection to share with others combined with a package that offers ALL DAY surfing for just around 40 pesos a day!

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