Friday, May 20, 2016

Gamdias Gaming Peripherals Now Available in the Philippines

Gamdias, the gaming peripheral maker officially announced their presence here in the Philippine market in an event that happened just this May of 2016. Started in 2012, Gamdias has been making quality gaming peripherals that are not as expensive as other competing brands so they remain very competitive in terms of pricing. In fact, they have slowly become part of the top 5 in terms of sales.

Their strategy, according to them, was to be at par in terms of design and quality comparable to the tier 1 brands but priced their products similar to tier 2 and tier 3 brands. Their products even have higher specs compared to their competitors. Aside from having a complete product line, they release new products quarterly. Gamdias remains to be focused on developing gaming products.

Some of the products which they will be bringing here in the Philippines gaming headsets, gaming keyboards, and gaming mouse.

For starters, their basic gaming keyboard and mouse only costs Php 850! Yes, that package already comes with a gaming keyboard AND a gaming mouse. In fact, we were given one of those during the event and my initial thought was that it was very affordable at that price range because of the features that comes with it -- membrane-type keyboard, Spill-resistant design, 10 additional multimedia keys, anti-slip rubber feet, 3200 DPI mouse. Even at that price range, the gaming keyboard and mouse ARES GKC-100 doesn't feel all that cheap at all.

If you ask me, internet cafes here in the Philippines can simply upgrade to that gaming keyboard and mouse package and their customers are sure to appreciate the improvement versus ordinary keyboard and mouse. Oh, and it also comes with LED lighting on the side for the keyboard and an LED lighting on the logo at the hump portion of the mouse!

Aside from that, avid gamers would love their other models as well. From multi-color mechanical keyboards to keyboards with memory and 16.8 million colors and customizable lighting effect! As for the gaming headsets, the best one I am excited about is the Hephaestus. It's a 7.1 surround gaming headset that is capable of delivering real life immersing sound effects! It has it's own cooling structure, LED lighting, vibration-capable, gold-plated USB connection.

Coming out with another post featuring the products they will be launching here in the Philippines. And just to add excitement, they are coming up with new products come Q3-Q4 this year. Watch out for them also here in this blog!

For now, do check out the event photos from the Gamdias launch.

Gaming mouse - Zeus Professional Esports Laser Mouse, Zeus Laser Mouse, Erebos Extension Laser Mouse, Erebos Extension Optical Mouse, Ourea Laser, Ourea Optical, Ourea FPS, Demeter V2

Gaming Keyboards and mouse- Hermes RGB, Hermes 7 color, Hermes Lite with mouse, Hermes Lite, Ares 7 color, Ares single light, Ares

Gaming Headsets - Hephaestus, Eros Elite GHS3610, Hephaestus V2, Eros V2, Eros Elite GHS 3600, Hebe V2, Hephaestus V2

Gamdias Hera Application / Software

Although there are a lot of products, not all will enter the Philippine market. Do check out this post to know the products that are lined up to enter the Philippine market.

Exciting times for gaming ahead!

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