Sunday, May 15, 2016

Quick Review of the Fuji X-T10 (with Sample Photos)

It was a long wait. I wanted to upgrade my camera to a smaller one coming from a Nikon DSLR which I've used since 2009. It was a great camera and looking at the photos I took using it, I somewhat already miss it. But one must let go of things and so, after months of research, I decided to get a Fuji X-T10.

A week ago, I was in Hong Kong in search for one. It was not easy to buy one because it was either too expensive or it was not in stock. Let me give you a trick. If you are going to Hong Kong to buy a gadget, try this. Search for your item and end your search with "price hk". Your search will most probably return sites from the domain Yes, I use that to canvass and check prices in Hong Kong. It is pretty accurate! (In search for a X-T10 as well? Try it. Click this link.)

Upon opening the site, you'll see a location pin. Click that and you'll see the store and the respective price of the item you are looking for. That's it! Technology has made canvassing easier!

Going back to the camera, coming from a Nikon DSLR, I admit it was not easy at all. Throughout the my trip in Hong Kong, I was in "Auto" mode. I had no choice because the settings adjustment were not the same with what I was used to. I know the basics like white balance, ISO, shutter speed etc etc. But I'm still having a hard time using it. I was using my D90 like a pro before having been able to use full manual. I guess it will take time and a lot of reading to be able to control the camera in full manual mode.

Using it in "auto" mode, it did return really nice shots. Check out some of the photos from the XT10:

I will be posting more photos and a separate entry about what's new in Hong Kong Disneyland. Me and my wife got an annual pass already and we are excited to go back this June!

A separate full review of the X-T10 will also be posted soon.

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