Monday, July 4, 2016

5 Reasons Why Smart's GigaSurf50 is Perfect for Pinoys?

Smart has been offering packages and bundles that enhances the lives of Filipinos in one way or another -- traveling, business, sports, name it! They have excelled in providing affordable offers that work and goes the extra mile in adding freebies. Take the new GigaSurf50 as an example.

Here are 5 reasons why Smart's GigaSurf50 is perfect for Pinoys:

1) Affordable at only Php 50
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that we Filipinos are very budget conscious. Every cent saved counts and with the ever increasing prices of goods and services,it is nice to know that a company that provides good service can also offer a price decrease! It's affordable because for 50 pesos, you already get 1GB worth of open access data. Open access simply means that you can do whatever you want with the 1GB -- stream movies, listen to music online, browse websites, do gaming, research and learn... anything online!  The next best thing? Check out reason #2!

2) Your Php50 is valid for 3 days!
Yes, you heard it right! Paying 50 pesos for mobile data before means having to only use it for a day because it is only valid for 1 day. NOT ANYMORE! Your 50 pesos will go a long way and I do believe that it makes sense. Why? I will make myself an example. When I use mobile data without tethering (sharing) the internet connection to my laptop, 1GB is almost impossible to finish in a day. Now that this offer is good for 3 days, you can leisurely consume and spread your usage within 3 days! I do believe that you consume more if you stream videos regularly but that is what reason #3 is here for...

3) Additional 300MB for streaming!
Is this still included in the Php50 for 3 days package? YES! Other than having 1GB open access data, you get an additional 300MB for streaming on sites like YouTube, iFlix, and more!!! Videos are the new sources of learning nowadays and it fits a wide range of audience-- kids, adults, and even grandparents watch videos online! The additional 300MB is a good added benefit. But wait, there's more!

4) Pasadata with GigaSurf50
I know a lot of people that can easily finish off 1GB+300MB. But you know what, I equally know people that CAN'T finish all these data within 3 days. The generation of our parents for instance are known to be less tech savvy (but they are adapting fast). Our parents are known to just browse (aka snoop) on Facebook, send
messages on instant messaging platforms, and the newest must use app for them -- Waze! Surely, you won't be able to consume 1GB within 3 days!

How to maximize it? Share it to us, kids (or kids at heart)! Pasadata is Smart's innovative feature that lets subscribers share data allocations to friends and loved ones! To share part of your GigaSurf50's data, simply text "Pasadata(space) recipient number(space)amountMB" and send to 808.
(Sample: "Pasadata 09181234567 500MB" then send to 808)

Last but not the least...

5) GigaSurf50 is good for monthly usage and/or top up!
Why do I say this? For example, those who do not use much data can maximize this subscription by getting this package instead of the 999 for 30 days internet package (Surfmax999). Yes, you can have more data with that since the 999/month gives you 1GB a day but not all people can finish that AND not everyone uses mobile data daily. Do the math:

Php 50 every 3 days is Php 500 for 1 month (Savings of Php 499/mo)

PLUS, you get to share all your unused data to family and friends! For those hardcore 1GB-is-not-enough mobile data consumers, get this.. treat this GigaSurf50 as a top up! I believe that it is not everyday that you will need more than 1GB of data per day if you are subscribed to SurfMax 999. For days that you will need more, subscribe to the GigaSurf50 and enjoy your instant additional 1GB!

This offer is a winner, right? That's what I think of offers that comes from Smart. They have the consumers thoughts in mind first. It is just up to us to see that because you won't believe them if they themselves say that they have the consumers in mind first before the business.

For more info about this offer, just go directly to their site:

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