Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Quick Rundown on the Smart Unbox Event: 6 Important Announcements Unboxed!

Just after a month after their rebranding, Smart yesterday announced all their latest innovations that they are providing and will be providing to the Filipinos. Since their beginning, they have sought out the best innovations and made them available for the Filipinos. I can clearly remember some of their services and devices released from way back like the Smart Eye! To tell you honestly, I am still looking for sellers that provide that device!

Here are 7 important announcements to know about Smart's Unboxing event:

1) The 1,288 smartphone
Following the success of the 888-peso smartphone released early this year, Smart announced a bigger, more capable but still very affordable Android smartphone for only Php 1,288! This 4.5" smartphone is powered by a 1.2GHz quad core that is capable of getting mobile internet speeds of up to 21.1Mbps (HSPA+), and a 5 megapixel camera. For a very affordable price, I don't think you can go wrong with that. To add to it, it comes with an allocation of 100MB data per month and earns load bonuses as you top it up!

2) Giga Surf 50
One of the best offers yet, this offer sells like hot cake! Other than offering a 3-day validity, the 1GB open access data comes with 300MB allocation for video streaming! Not only that, those subscribed to the monthly Surfmax 995 can also top up with this Giga Surf 50 offer!  More details about Giga Surf 50 here.

To avail, text "GIGA50" and send it to 9999

3) Customer Service Enhanced Further
Social media is a double edged sword. It can benefit a brand but sometimes, it can feel like you are opening a can of worms. Not with Smart. They are putting customers first by providing the customer a wide range of means for the customers to reach Smart. And, they are very active!

Smart has teamed up with Twitter to further enhance its customer service experience with live feedback and a faster response system. Smart is also the first brand in the Philippines to use Twitter as its main source Customer Service touchpoint for customer care needs and account inquiries.

As an added news, Smart subscribers can update their My Smart app available in iOS and Android. This enhanced app lets subscribers manage their accounts 24/7. Subscribe to new promos, check bill, check status of their promos and more!

As if all the customer touch points are not enough, Smart has created a character to help serve you even better! Meet Marty the Smarty! He is the go-to guy for all kinds of questions and concerns about mobile data, and the internet. To visit him, check out (Twitter @martysmarty)

4) "Own It" Campaign
Smart has teamed up with Youtube for Smart Launchpad. This is connected to the recent "Own It" campaign they launched wherein Smart is empowering everyone to be themselves and find their inner passion. The Smart Launchpad campaign will encourage budding content creators to upload their own work and broadcast it to the world via upload stations all over the country. Also, Smart will be giving seminars and talks to further improve these people to enable them to be even better.

5) Smart Music Live!
The first one will be held on July 14, 2016, Smart Music Live is their initiative to promote the local and international music scene. Along with MCA Music, the free-for-subscribers concert features Ely Buendia, Up Dharma Down, and Nathan Sykes at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Smart Music Live will also have some really nice perks like meet and greet for upcoming concerts of Selena Gomez (July 31, 2016), In the Mix featuring Third Eye Blind, Panic! At the Disco, James Bay, Elle King, and Twin Pines (August 18, 2016), and Shawn Mendes (October 2016).

Check out the Smart Music Live! Album here.

6) Smart Life App
One of the highlights of the night, this app enabled subscribers to get exclusive digital perks, videos, music, and games! During the FIBA OQT, they streamed the games live! To make things more exciting, this is the app to have if you want to watch the Olympic games! I am sure that there are more things to come so better download it and have them in your mobile phones already.

Download now on your Android device

Download now on your iOS device (to follow)

So that's it! The must-know things during the Smart Unboxing event held this week and I am excited for their next unboxing event because as they said, not their exact words though: They are not offering things just for the sake of offering things.They are offering these services because it gives value and empowers people. I believe them. Can't wait for the next!

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