Thursday, September 13, 2007

Erap willing to stay in Munti

Former president Joseph Estrada is willing to be incarcerated in an ordinary jail after being found guilty of the crime of plunder, his lawyer said Thursday.

"If you ask Erap today, he is willing to go to [National Bilibid Prison in] Muntinlupa at this very moment," former senator Rene Saguisag, co-lead counsel of Estrada, told ABS-CBN.

Saguisag said that after the Sandiganbayan First Division read the guilty verdict on his plunder case, Estrada was prepared to be brought to the national penitentiary, where common criminals are jailed.

The lawyer said he even approached the three justices of the Sandiganbayan and informed them about Estrada's insistence of being brought to Muntinlupa.

"Thinking of his welfare I approached President Erap, what really is his desire, he told me, 'No.' At the moment, yesterday, he was ready to be brought to Muntinlupa," he said.

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As respect to the former President of the Philippines, It is not right to jail him in Muntinlupa. It is just fair to give him house arrest in Tanay. Actually, before Sept 12, we were all thinking that Erap wont be judged guilty.

I also believe this is a Political Judgement.

Another thing, Erap should accept the pardon. accepting pardon doesn't mean he surrenders and he is guilty. But, if you accept amnesty, you admit you are guilty. that is the difference. Accepting pardon only means, you want peace already and it doesn't mean you are guilty.

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