Friday, September 14, 2007

We are not 3rd world anymore. we are already 4th...

Makati City police chief Superintendent Gilbert Cruz said Thursday that Metro Manila’s perennial traffic problems can still be solved by constructing multi-layered flyovers and Metro Rail Transit (MRT) stations – patterned after those in Bangkok, Thailand – on various thoroughfares in the metropolis.

“I think the government officials in our country, like Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, can explore this for the sake of solving the (worsening) traffic situation in Metro Manila,” said Cruz, who attended a six-day training program organized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Bangkok along with eight other police officers.

Cruz said that from the Bangkok International Airport to the Bangkok city proper, they experienced no traffic due to the three or four-layered flyovers for vehicles in Thailand.


I have been to Thailand 10 years ago. It was worse back then compared to Manila. If we were third world back then, they are 4th. Guess what? Right now, if you visit bangkok, its way different now. Multi-layered bridges, organized transportation, booming businesses and etc. What gives?

First, they declared bankruptcy back then. I didnt exactly know when but, after that, Thailand grew.

I am not saying Philippines should declare bankruptcy but, we, citizens, should be more disciplined If we go to Singapore, we dont spit anywhere. If we go to the US, or just in subic, we follow the alternate intersection crossing. why cant we do it in Manila then?

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