Thursday, January 22, 2009

Philip Salvador and The Bus Incident

I've made several posts ( here and here )previously about unruly bus drivers and this is an additional to the bus frenzy here in the Philippines.

After last year's bus accident which killed a known eye doctor here in the Philippines and several other people in seperate incidents, some might have already forgotten already about it. But to the victims of these unruly and undisciplined bus drivers, they won't -- forever.
Just yesterday, another bus almost caused an accident. It became big of an issue because it involved a famous person (A Philippine Celebrity) otherwise, it wouldn't have made the news. I am guessing that the bus driver and the conductor made this a big issue. I am not in Philip's side because I did not know what really happened. All I can say is, I know how these big vehicles of mass destruction acts.

As I've narrated several incidents already of me being nearly crushed by racing bus drivers, aiming to get passengers first, my side mirror was destroyed with them not noticing it or purposedly not noticing it. I guess this is what happened to Philip Salvador yesterday. When we are in danger (our family), we react quickly and defensively. What he did is not far from what I can possibly do when I am with my family in the same scenario.

of course, you will do everything to protect your family. You know what I hate about them (Bus Drivers)? After driving irresponsibly and racing using public roads in their huge public utility vehicles without them thinking of the consequences, they will say sorry to the victims. Sometimes, they are even the aggressive party rather than being sorry. What if a life has been taken? This is the time wherein the acting skills of the bus driver will be revealed. He will sit there like a purring kitten asking for forgiveness. Will sorry be enough?

In my opinion, we really need to have the system changed. Give them fixed wages to have a more disciplined and safer streets. Unless a politician or someone great is killed by these drivers, I guess no one would notice this.
By the way, did you know that the bus driver who killed Dr. Sarabia had 30 violations prior to the accident? How nice that he still has a license... How can that be? Very poor system. tsktsktsk...


laszlo said...

we really need a better system wherein PUV drivers go through a rigorous training.

and multiple violators should have their licenses suspended.

we keep hearing about these road incidents, daily, that we have become anesthesized to these horrible accidents.