Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why I Wont Buy a Nokia and Nokia Caught Faking It with the Lumia 920

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I was monitoring my Twitter feed last night with regards to what Nokia and Microsoft will launch. Apparently, it's a new phone called the Nokia Lumia 920. The name itself isn't interesting enough but what they did caught my attention.

Here's a video from The Verge:

Image source: Comment section of The Verge

I find the faked video more interesting than the phone. This morning, I read news that the "New Nokia phones disappoint investors". I remember that they were the market leader before, but they became too lax and failed to view Apple and Samsung as a threat. Now, Nokia is having a hard time competing with China made phones which is actually way better than what they produce for the low-end market.

I "was" a Nokia fan before. I had the best of their best phones from the 6150 to 8210 to 8890 to 7650 to 9500 and so on. Well now, honestly, I am not happy with Nokia after what happened to my Nokia N8.

My Nokia N8 is out of commission for nearly a month now. One day, it just decided not to power on. It's not like I dropped it, dipped it in water nor over use it. Just normal usage and it succumbed into a slow death. Right after the battery drained, it wouldn't charge and after that, it just flatlined -- no response whatsoever whenever I plug it in the computer or charge it.

It's now in a Nokia service center for almost a week now and they said that they will forward my unit for "level 3" hardware repairs. I'm assuming that it's the equivalent of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in layman's term. I will not waste my money on another Nokia phone. I'm using one now but it came free from my postpaid line. Imagine, a phone that was purchased for more than twenty thousand pesos and in just a year plus a few months, already dead? That's frustrating. The most frustrating part was, I used it as my business phone so all my business contacts and SMS is gone. Kaput. Very unreliable. Never again will I use a Nokia phone for important stuff. It's only good as a wireless landline type of phone.

My now dead Nokia N8
Is this the first time Nokia lied to us? No. Watch this video:

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James Gomez said...

I was actually planning to buy a new nokia phone. Thank you for sharing this information.