Friday, August 22, 2008

Beijing Olympic rants

Most of us weren't lucky enough to be there at the historic Beijing 2008 Olympics. But, are we really unlucky not to be there?

What we see in televisions and other news publications are mostly good news except for the so-called fake fireworks and the lip-synching kid.

What I will write here is a first hand experience of someone who went there and experienced it all. We know that China is the next superpower and China is known for it's communist ways but, look at how China improved.

Here are some of the complaints from a Beijing Olympic visitor:
-It was way too hot inside the Bird's nest stadium, particularly the upper part of it. There were no air conditioning systems and since hot air goes up, guess what? the exhales and steams of 91,000 people circulates the stadium.

-At the opening day, you have to be there on or before 4pm! You have to wait 4 hours or more for the start of the Olympics unless, you are a VIP.

-You cannot bring in food so, you can't actually eat until the opening finishes unless you want to go out earlier. It's so hard to find people who sells snacks inside.

-The ticket were way to expensive for a mediocre view but the cheapest tickets or those way up got a nice, literally hot, view.

I wonder what will happen if the 2016 Olympics will be held in the Philippines...