Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TuneLink Auto - A Must Have for Car Audio music lovers!

I'm a car enthusiast. I also love music and movies. Okay, music not so much but movies, I really love! Sadly, my car can't even play MP3 cds nor does it have an iPod connector. What more a dvd player? So, here are my choices. Either buy one of those cheap audio transmitters that does the job (but quality-wise, not so good), buy a new stereo with iPod connector (AUX) or go hightech?

By go hightech, I mean go TuneLink! What's a Tunelink, you might ask? Well, luckily, the company distributing this awesome gadget in the Philippines lent one to me.

The gadget attached to the cigarette lighter port is the TuneLink device

TuneLink is made by New Potato Technologies. Tunelike is a universal wireless Bluetooth to FM and direct
connect in-car audio solution for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Now you can plug, play and share your music whenever you like!
Tunelink is the most advanced in-car audio interface available in the market. This gadget includes the best class of Bluetooth transceiver, FM transmitter and advanced fast-charge isolated USB charging port. TuneLink brings real innovation to a digital audio accessory market that is crowded with clunky docks, cabled solutions and poor-performing dongle-based FM transmitters.

Get what this gadget does?
Let me explain some more...
1. Plug the TuneLink in your car
2. Turn on your iPad/ iPhone/ iPod Touch
3. Open the 'TuneLink' program (Please download it first in the Appstore. It's for free)
4. Connect your iPad/ iPhone/ iPod Touch device to the TuneLink device via Bluetooth (Please go to the settings of your device)
5.Look for the station you want to tune in to. (If you set 88.7 in your iPad TuneLink program, set your stereo to that same FM frequency)
6. Play music, movies or whatever media files in your iPad/ iPhone/ iPod Touch and the sound will be streamed over Bluetooth to your car stereo.

It might look complicated but it's really easy, hightech and fun! But what if, you want to plug in your other devices without a Bluetooth? Simple! As long as you have a 3.5mm output/headphone jack, you can connect your device to the TuneLink via a wire provided! Same thing, sound will be streamed over Bluetooth to your car stereo.

Another cool feature of this device is,
The exclusive TuneLink “Share” feature allows multiple users in the same vehicle to share the same TuneLink connection, creating a social atmosphere in the car and allowing everyone to participate in sharing their tunes. TuneLink incorporates advanced Bluetooth technology to ensure that your music is truly portable. You have the flexibility to stow your device or take it with you while your tunes continue to play through your car
speakers over thirty feet away.
A 3.5mm cable is included that pumps up the wireless Bluetooth signal directly into
the aux-in audio ports found in most recent cars. Then, if you attach the included USB
to Dock Connector cable, you can simultaneously use TuneLink Auto and charge a
connected iPod, iPhone, or iPad at full speed. Yes! It has a 2.1-Amp charger just for the
iPad. In other words, carry it alone or with cables, and it can work somehow in pretty
much any car to let you hear music from your iOS 4 device.

Cool, right? I want one myself but I'm glad that I had the opportunity to try it out!

Package includes:
TuneLink Unit
Apple Sync and Charge Cable
3.5mm cable
Quick Start guide

TuneLink Auto is distributed by Tenkie Box Concept Inc here in the Philippines.
For more questions, feel free to comment below and I'll tell you more about the product. If you're interested,
check out their facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/Tenkiebox 
Email:  tenkiebox@gmail.com

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