Thursday, September 19, 2013

High-Stakes Dice Game: Toyota 86 as the Grand Prize [Mid-autumn Festival Game Information]

Dice game grand prize: Toyota 86. Want to join?
It's the mid-autumn festival again! It's the season where those with Chinese culture or have adapted to the Chinese culture play the annual dice game. This game is simple as you roll (6) six dice in a bowl and the prize will depend on the outcome. To give you a basic idea, having the number "4" makes you a sure winner (unless the prizes in the category you won runs out).

Here are the basic dice result and their corresponding prize rank: (Remember, in this game, you are rolling 6 dice)

To get the highest Prize called "Zhuangyuan" [pronounced more or less as "chong wan"]
You have to get the following results: (In order. The higher, the better otherwise, you will be beaten)
(6 fours)
(6 ones)
(6 of the same, except fours)
(5 fours and the digit of the last dice left)  
(5 of the same, except fours)
(4 fours and the total of the other two numbers)

To get the second prize (Duitang), get a straight (1,2,3,4,5,6)

To get the third prize (Sanhong), get 3 fours. (4,4,4,X,X,X)

To get the fourth prize (Sijin), get 4 of the same (B,B,B,B,Y,Y)

To get the fifth prize (Erju), get 2 fours (4,4,X,X,X,X)

and the lowest of all, to get the sixth prize (Yixiu), get at least a single four (4,X,X,X,X,X)

The results above are what your prize rank will be when you roll on your turn. Technically speaking, when even one dice falls out of the bowl, results are disregarded that turn and you won't get anything. To determine who's turn it is, some do it by age and some just do it according to where they are (The one after you will be the next). Those are the basics of the game. But for the organizers, you need to know a little more.

How many prizes should you buy?
There's a lot of variations now per family tradition but the one below is the original:
(Zhuangyuan) First Prize - 1 prize
(Duitang) Second Prize - 2 prizes
(Sanhong) Third Prize - 4 prizes
(Sijin) Fourth Prize - 8 prizes
(Erju) Fifth Prize - 16 prizes
(Yixiu) Sixth Prize - 32 Prizes

So you see, there's a lot of sixth prize but once it runs out, you cannot substitute other prizes with it. Even though you got, for example, 2 fours which is supposedly the fifth prize, you cannot get the sixth prize if the fifth prize runs out.

What I've been wanting to do is a high-stakes dice game. Let's see how much we need for such a game.
First Prize - A Toyota 86 (1) / Php 1,700,000.00
Second Prize - Toyota Vios (2) / Php 1,200,000.00
Third Prize - Honda motorcycle (4) / Php 320,000.00
Fourth Prize - An iPhone 5 (8) / Php 240,000.00
Fifth Prize - An Android phone worth 6~7k? (16) / Php 112,000.00
Sixth Prize - Restaurant GC worth 1k (32) / Php 32,000.00

Total number of prizes: 63
Total of Php 3,604,000.00

If 100 people will play the game, each person will chip-in Php 36,040 pesos. Would you join? Given the number of prizes though, if 100 people will play the game, there's a chance that you only get 1 turn. Wow. That's a huge amount but it does sound exciting right? How many people should play to make it more affordable? You, what amount are you willing to chip-in to join such a high stake game?

Of course, I'm not doing that nor organizing a high-stakes dice game. I'm just telling you what you need more or less to join one.

Check out more photos of the Toyota 86:

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