Saturday, September 21, 2013

Photography: A Few Simple Steps to Using a Green Screen

Back in the day that green screens were only used by television stations or movie studios. If you do a lot of vlogs or really are a professional performing a lot of online seminars, power to use a green screen which you could change backgrounds could be important. Luckily, green screen equipment and software has become to the point where the normal consumer can use it without having to break the bank.

One thing you need to do is buy equipment. Sites like sell a whole green screen kit that also includes lights, an eco-friendly screen and frame to set it on, and various tents and reflectors. If you already possess some professional studio equipment, you can purchase it at

When you have the studio equipment in hand, you want to setup your studio within a room that you can have even light in. A great way to make light neutral is blackout shades. Set the equipment as well as your lighting. Test our lighting insurance firms the same subject of the video stand a minimum of three feet outside the screen. You may want to use tape to mark where they ought to stand.

The objective of setting up lights is always to make sure there aren't any shadows showing on the green screen. Set the lights evenly round the person being filmed and use light tents to get rid of shadows and have softer light.

After you have set up your lighting and gotten you guessed it-your camera angles right, proceed to film your video. You should use a digital camcorder that allows you to upload your video straight away to your hard disk drive.

To add background in your videos, there are numerous types of software you can find. While there is free applicaion available out there, they are limited in functionality as well as the backgrounds you need to use. Paying for software packages are a good idea. Adobe Premiere is one such software to help you get professional results.

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