Friday, October 25, 2013

Newsbits: The new 100 US Dollar Bill

Being the biggest denomination of US Dollar, the Federal Reserve recently changed the 100-US Dollar bill to include more security features to protect users from the counterfeit ones.
We were able to get a piece of this and checked the security features based on the internet. Here's a closer look of a few prominent features that we consumers/buyers of US Dollar need to know about the new 100-Dollar bill:
The most prominent security feature: Blue strip with the number 100 written on it

When placed under the light, you would notice that there is another writing by the left of  Ben's Face

The huge 100 written at the back of the bill

When tilting the bill, you would notice that the bell inside this so-called jar changes color

There is this drawing by the white space at the front side;
The 100 written at the lower right side also changes color when you tilt the bill

You can also see the same drawing at the white space at the back of the bill
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