Thursday, November 7, 2013

Newsbits: Singapore to Legoland Malaysia via WTS Travel Bus

In our recent Singapore trip, we had the chance to go to Legoland Malaysia. Since Legoland was located at Johor, it is nearer when you will be coming from Singapore. We chose WTS Travel as our transport to and fro Legoland. 
WTS Bus (Photo Taken from their site)

Assembly point was in Singapore Flyer and they have daily schedules from 8-11 am going to Malaysia and 5-7pm (weekdays) going back to Singapore. Online booking is encouraged in order for you to ensure your slots in the bus. It is also recommended to arrive Singapore Flyer and register at their booth at least 15 minutes before your stated departure. Upon registration by the Singapore Flyer, you will be given a white envelop that has your return trip details. Make sure you keep this envelop that will serve as your ticket going back to Singapore. They will be asking you to queue up and will be assigning you to buses once they are ready. There are a number of 45&49-seater buses parked along the compound of Singapore Flyer going Legoland.

Travel fare is SgD 20.00 and this include roundtrip transfers and insurance from Singapore Flyer - Legoland - Singapore Flyer. Total travel time is around 2 hours and this includes immigration and checking in Singapore Malaysia borders. Do take note that when you enter another country, you will need to bring down all your things because they will need to pass through the scanners for security check.

Whats nice about this company is that the drivers drive smoothly all throughout the trip and upon reaching the side of Malaysia, there are WTS Travel personnel who will be instructing you on your scheduled return trip later in the afternoon as well as the meet-up point. Buses are well-maintained and clean with enough legroom for travelers to be able to relax and sleep a bit before reaching their destination.

For more details on WTS Travel, and the other tours that they offer, you may visit their site at

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