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Smart iPhone 5s and Smart iPhone 5c Plans: Best Plan to Get

It's the time of the year again and this year, Christmas is somewhat earlier! iPhone 5s and 5c will be released a month earlier compared to the launch last year! With that said, I made my usual analysis of what plan to get to maximize your hard earned money!

Presenting the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c plans:

Basing it on the total cash out value, the cheapest would be getting a prepaid or freedom plan. But if you think about it, the only thing you'll get is the unit itself. If for example, you get the lowest plan available which is Plan 500, the total cash out + phone cash out amounts to 32,000 pesos. That's 2500 pesos more compared to the prepaid kit but with that, you'll also get 2 years worth of All-In Plan 500.

But do you know that even if All-In Plan 500 has the most attractive price in terms of total cash out, this doesn't mean that it's the best plan to get? As per analysis, the best plan to get is the iPhone Plan 999. Since all plans and units have the same amount of incremental increase to each other, I'll just pick the "iPhone 5c (16GB)" as my example.

Here are some reasons why the iPhone Plan 999 is the best:
- The total cash out difference for All-In Plan 500 and iPhone Plan 999 when getting the "5c 16GB" is just P3,976. (P35,976-P32,000)
- Dividing P3,976 by 24 months, you'll come up with P165.67. This means that you'll just pay an additional 166 for your All-In 500 plan per month but you get the iPhone Plan 999!
- Getting the All-In plan 500, the best package you can get without exceeding would be either unlimited call time to Smart/TNT, 400 minutes intl calls, or a combination of trio talk 300 and suncombo P199. BUT, if you get the iPhone Plan 999, you'll automatically get unlimited internet, 40 free minutes and 100 free SMS!

So whether or not you're getting the 5c, 5s in whatever capacity, the iPhone Plan 999 is the way to go. It's really the plan made for the iPhone and the best bang for your buck!

Check out this infographic below for new subscribers

If you're interested, Smart will be having a launch day event  on the 15th where subscribers can apply and get their new phones at Eastwood. According to Smart, if you want a guaranteed reservation and choice of color, best to apply online and get approved at Pick-up is at Eastwood, Jump Cebu or Jump Davao.

For retention packages, they can apply as early as today but pick-up of units is on November 15.
For wipe-out (if you are still under lock-in), you can apply starting today as well.

More info? Check out

To know more about the plans, check out the guide below.
Basically, there are 3 categories -- All-In plan, iPhone plan and Unli-data plan.

All-In Plans
All-In plans from Smart are fully customizable plans. For example, for All-In Plan 500, you can get:
(1) P400 worth Tri Net 400 - 500mins to Smart, Sun, TNT and PLDT landline + 2000 SMS to all networks + 150MB worth of mobile browsing for 30days
(1) P100 worth of Internet Bundle - 8 hours of mobile browsing for 30 days

Here are other packages you can get, arranged in order of peso value. (All of which are good for 30 days unless the said package is already consumed)
P99 - [Suntalk] 50-minute calls to Sun
P99 - [Suntext] 1000 SMS to Sun
P100 - [Internet Bundle] with 8 hours of mobile browsing
P199 - [SunCombo] 1250 SMS to Sun and 50 minute calls to Sun
P200 - [Internet Bundle upgrade] if you get the (P100 Internet Bundle package). This will give you 20 hours of mobile browsing
P200 - [IDD Bundle Saver] Call abroad at local rates PLUS get free 5 minutes of international calls
P250 - [All Net Talk] 80 minutes to Smart, Globe and Sun
P300 - [Trio Talk 300] 300 minutes  to Smart, Globe and Sun
P350 - 3500 SMS to Smart, TNT, Sun and Globe
P350 - [Unli Tri net Text] Unlimited SMS to Smart, Sun and TNT
P400 - [Tri Net 400] 500 minuntes to Smart, Sun, TNT and PLDT landline + 2000 texts to all networks + 150MB worth of mobile browsing
P500 - [Unli Talk] Unlimited calls to Smart/TNT
P500 - [Intl Flexi Call and Text] 400 minutes or international SMS to USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore
P599 - [Unli Blackberry] Unlimited email, browsing, social networks and instant messaging
P600 - [Unli Call and Text] Unlimited calls and texts to Smart/TNT
P995 - [Always On LTE Bundle 995] Unlimited* LTE mobile browsing
P999 - [Unli Call and Text Combo] Unlimited call and texts to Smart/TNT + 1GB worth of mobile browsing
P1000 - [Unli Surf] Unlimited 3G mobile browsing

*Unlimited until December 31, 2013 then wait for further announcements for further extensions.

iPhone Plans
Basically, these are plans perfect for iPhone users but I think, it's more or less similar to Unli Data plan (up next).
For the iPhone plans,
P999 - [Plan 999] will give you 40 free minutes, 100 free SMS and unlimited data
P2499 - [Plan 2499] will give you 300 free minutes, 300 free SMS and unlimited data

Unlimited Data Plans
Self-explanatory. These plans have unlimited internet but they also include discounted call rates in excess of the included minutes in the package
For the Unlimited Data Plans,
P1500 - [Plan 1500] will give you 60 free minutes, 120 free SMS and unlimited data
P2000 - [Plan 1500] will give you 150 free minutes, 200 free SMS and unlimited data
P3000 - [Plan 1500] will give you 300 free minutes, 240 free SMS and unlimited data

Having said all available packages, you can pick the packages you will need and check out the All-In plan that will fit your needs.

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