Friday, November 8, 2013

Spinnr: The New Way to Listen to Music

I believe that we have reached another milestone with regards to our music industry here in the Philippines. In a bold move by Smart which first offered Smart Music, they are now offering a service called Spinnr. (Since I do not have any press releases with me, I'll just tell you as I see it and I'll just add newly discovered features to this post.)

It is revolutionary in a sense because I've never heard or seen someone offer this service before in the Philippines. In other countries, these services are common. Think of it this way, you can now legally listen to any song, album on demand just by searching it in their database. At first, I thought that it was just another website that would sell music. Well, it also is but you can opt not to buy the songs and just listen to it online. If you want to listen to those songs offline, you have to purchase it to download it.

You can even start listening to great songs that you love in a matter of minutes!

Steps to start listening now:
1) Go to
2) Register
3) Select your package and done!
Every new registrant gets a 15-day free trial and believe me, the paid packages are very affordable!
I've got around 12 days left before I subscribe to the packages

Think of it this way. If you buy CDs, you'd know that each CD would cost around 400 pesos. If that CD has 15 songs, each song would then cost around 27 pesos. In Spinnr, they are selling each song around 10-15 pesos.

But that's not the best thing yet. The 10-15 pesos each song is if you want to download it and listen to the songs offline. If you want to just listen online via streaming, how does paying for the value of a single CD worth 400 pesos sound and in return, you can listen to hundreds of thousands of songs anytime you want, whatever song you want (that's included in their database), FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!

Like a TV infomercial -- but wait! There's more! You won't pay that much after all! Check out Spinnr's packages:

So you see, one year would just cost approximately P348 pesos! That's less than a peso a day. Isn't that very affordable? One pesos is just equivalent to one sms. It's that affordable and this is why I'm sure that this service is going to be a big hit. It was just introduced to me 3 days ago and I've been logging on to Spinnr since then!

If you are an Android user, download the Spinnr app here:

For iOS and the rest, just use your web browser and navigate to

On my first day of using it, I already created around 5-6 customized playlists and I found 95% of the artists that I listen to during the 90s. Okay, you now know my age. To tell you the truth, I only wasn't able to find 1 artist that I wanted but the rest were there. (It might be even my mistake because I may have the spelling or the genre wrong).

If you were born during the 50s 60s 70s, Spinnr has also something for you! Heck, they even have those super classicals like Ludwig Van Beethoven, Mozart etc! From the oldies to the "now", they almost have it all there. Simply put, it's like putting the entire music library of Astroplus or Tower records in your mobile device! Awesome. Simply awesome!

Thank you Smart for always being a game changer. I've been addicted since and you'll also be. Music is now in our hands.

Head on to now!

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