Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Legoland Malaysia [Photos]

I took a lot of photos when I went to Legoland last month. If you've read my blog about it (here:, you'll know that it was very hot when we were in Miniland! Let me share with you some photos that I took in the comfort of wherever you are right now. :)

(This is the only photo I didn't take in this entire post. Got it from Wikipedia)
Not sure what this is. It must be a government building in Malaysia.
Seems like a traffic accident involving a sports car that looks like a Ferrari F40.
Look closely at the kitchen. It looks so realistic! It has moist/steam inside! (Coincidence)
From a Lego man's point of view.
A normal day in Lego town.
Lego cruise ship. Very detailed!
Lego musical fountain
Legoland Malaysia. View from the top.
One of the rides in Legoland Malaysia.
Lego display inside the theme park.
Angkor Wat (Siem Reap Cambodia)
Singapore Flyer (Singapore)
A jeepney and a bangka (small boat used as a fishing vessel)
Wat Arun (Thailand)
Lego keychain mini figures!
Container yard
Build and test your own tower!
Not sure where this is.
A Malaysian building
Looks like a government office

Lego billboards

A medieval town
One of the rides inside Legoland Malaysia
Lego parrot 
At first I thought this was a reporter. Turns out he was holding a pop corn bucket walking to the cinema nearby.
Pirate town
Cast away
Singapore traffic?
Hope you enjoyed some of the photos I took in Legoland Malaysia. This will more or less give you an idea on what to expect Legoland most especially Miniland. If you have your own photo album or photo blog about Legoland Malaysia, do post a comment below so readers can also check out your photos.

If you want to read about my experience here, do check out:

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