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Legoland Malaysia: Personal Experience and What to Expect

Legoland Malaysia is the first theme park of its kind to open in Asia. Located at Johor Baru, this place is actually nearer when coming from Singapore as it only takes around 2 hours of travel including immigration as compared to coming from Kuala Lumpur where it takes around 4-5 hours depending on the traffic situation. (Here's our travel experience from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia: http://cheftonio.blogspot.com/2013/11/newsbits-singapore-to-legoland-malaysia.html)

We left Singapore around 930am and we arrived around 11am-ish. We boarded the WTS bus from Singapore Flyer, passed through Singapore exit immigration and Malaysia immigration before arriving here. The travel time was ok because I didn't get bored.
When you arrive, the most prominent structure that you would actually see is the Legoland Hotel. It won't be opened until later this month but you can already check out the hotel photos and book your stay in their site: http://www.legoland.com.my/en/Hotel/Home/ This would definitely make every child's Lego experience memorable. I admit that I would love to stay in this hotel to try it out because of the themed decorations and see if I can enjoy it like I enjoy staying in Disney themed hotels.
Legoland Malaysia Hotel
As soon as we arrived, it started to drizzle. We had no choice but to make a stopover at their brick store by the entrance. This is actually the biggest brick store in the entire park but let me give you a tip. Don't buy anything just yet. In Miniland, you can visit a store there that sells discounted items! Not sure though if that "tent" store is a permanent setup but it's worth checking out. In the brick store, I saw a Lego magnet that I like that costs RM40 (~Php 600). In the Miniland store, I got that same item at 70% off! Paid RM12 (~Php 180) for that magnet! What a bargain!
The Miniland store is by the airport display
We had lunch in one of the park's restaurant - Market. By the entrance, you can actually see the Lego characters greeting you. I did enjoy the creative Lego characters that pops out here and there (not literally) throughout the park and even inside the Market restaurant. I can't remember how much exactly I spent here but for 2 persons, I spent around 1,000 pesos.
In the outdoors, you'd see various Lego characters that are perfect for photo opportunities with 3-4 year old kids as it would be approximately as tall as them. You'll also see random Lego structures from time to time that are creatively placed.
Bees and Spiders! 
My favorite area in Legoland is Miniland where miniature structures of famous places around Asia are displayed. More than the rides, I know they have spent a lot of time and effort in this part as well. It was good that they had shaded roofs with ceiling fans along Miniland because it was scorching hot in the afternoon! Tip, bring a UV umbrella! It will shield you from the heat and the rain! While we were walking in Miniland, we had to stop every 3-5 minutes because it was sooooo hot. I don't know how to further explain how hot and humid it was. I hope you get my point because it wasn't packed with visitors when we visited Legoland. What more if it were to be packed! You'll faint!

We only rode 1 ride throughout the day. It was the revolving tower where you can get an overall view of the entire Legoland theme park. We lined up for around 10 minutes and the ride was done in less than 3 minutes. It was okay because you can see the entire park. From up there, you can also see the Legoland waterpark and some barren land that is ready to be developed for Legoland's future expansion. In my opinion, they really should expand. According to my sister who has already visited Legoland in the US, Legoland is more for kids than for teens and adults. This is why I didn't have my hopes up and I enjoyed the Lego displays a bit.
Supposedly hot but cold Laksa with free juice! 
All in all, what we did here other than check out the display and ride the revolving tower was to visit ALL the shops and eat lunch and snack. It became a food trip / amazing race because when it was around 4pm, it rained hard! We had to run to the nearest place with roof and that was a snack bar by the building with Einstein's face on it. Anyway, when we reached there, we were soaking wet. It paid off that I took a lot of tissue from the plane ride! I knew it would come in handy!

Oh! And we did one other thing -- The Lego build and test thing. We enjoyed it there. It's a place where you can build your own Lego tower and you can test it if it will withstand an earthquake like scenario. The green platform can be controlled by the circular knob which you can adjust the intensity of the shake. Check out my Instagram video below. (That's my tower on the right! Wohooo!)

The newly opened Legoland Waterpark
Overall, we spent half a day on this theme park but we have covered most of the areas in the park. Due to very unpredictable weather (from scorching hot heat to thunderstorms), we weren't able to check the newly opened Water Park but nonetheless, we enjoyed Legoland a bit. To tell you honestly, if you love Lego and the displays, that itself is already worth the visit. If not, I don't recommend you to visit Legoland. I find it a bit boring. What made it worth the visit was the company we were here with. We went there with my entire family. It's really a theme park for kids. Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed.

If you want to see more photos, do check this post:

Ticket Prices:
Theme park day pass (adult 12-59) RM 120 / Php 1800
Theme park day pass (child 3-11/senior 60+) RM 90 / Php 1350

Combo tickets (Theme park + Water park)
(Adult 12-59) RM 150 / Php 2250
(Child 3-11 / Senior60+) RM 120 / Php 1800

Buying tickets in advance (online) will save you around 20%.
Check out: http://www.legoland.com.my/en/Plan/Prices-and-Tickets/

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