Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas 2013 Gift Guide for Guys

It's hard to give gifts to guys. Sometimes, you have to be updated with what's new just to know what to give! Let me give you some suggestions and you can even choose depending on your budget and what fits the person you are giving to. (I will be also coming out with a gift guide for girls, c/o my wife)

(Arranged by budget, lowest to highest)

1) Donation in behalf (
Budget: Php 5 
Perfect for: All ages! But kids won't appreciate this. Good training if they do.
For as little 5 pesos, you can help typhoon victims of Haiyan/ Yolanda by donating via SMS in behalf of him. Of course, the more you donate, the better! Good thing here is, you don't need to be in the Philippines to donate.

2) Unlimited Online Music Streaming (Spinnr.Ph music subscription)
Budget: Php 29/mo 
Perfect for: Teens and up!
For less than 1 peso a day, you can have him listen to all his favorite music legally via online streaming, unlimited! Create albums that can range from 50s to 90s to whatever is current now! You can download an app on Android devices and simply use the mobile browser on iOS, Windows or other devices.

3) Starbucks Card (Maximize your Starbucks card)
Budget: Php 300
Perfect for: Coffee lovers, Starbucks addict and teens and up!
Coffee makes the day so much better. A lot of people will agree with this and some people tend to be cranky without them. Well, giving this Php 300 gift card from Starbucks is like giving almost Php 500 worth already! Read up on the link above on how to maximize your Starbucks card.

4) Miniature Filing Cabinet Business Card Organizer (Via Amazon)
Budget: Php 500
Perfect for: Bosses, dads, workmates, boyfriend(s) and people who you think will find this useful.
Other than looking cool, this miniature filing cabinet organizes your business cards alphabetically (manually) and it has a digital clock too!

5) Divoom Bluetune Pop (Divoom Ph Facebook)
Budget: Php 1,600
Perfect for: All ages! Yes, even babies! They listen to sweet lullabies and what better way to play it via wireless connection!
Almost all devices has Bluetooth nowadays. This makes the Divoom Bluetune Pop very very useful! Watch movies, play games and listen to music with the audio wirelessly playing from this device! This gadget is actually the perfect partner for the Spinnr music subscription (Item #2 on this list). This device has awesome audio quality and for that price? It's a very good deal!

6) FOBO Tag (FOBO tag review)
Budget: Php 2,500
Perfect for: Travelers, people who forget things, techies.
Reminds you of things, alerts you when your kids wander off out of your specified range and more! This is a modern key finder but not only does it find keys, it finds you whatever is needed to be found! Just set it up and you'll pretty much find this useful if you leave things behind or forget where you put it.

7) Prestiz Android Dongle (Prestiz Android Dongle)
Budget: Php 2,800
Perfect for: Techies, dads, boyfriend(s) and teens and up!
Simply put, this device turns any TV into a Smart TV! Just connect this dongle (as seen in the lower left of the photo above) via the HDMI connection of your TV and voila! Your TV is now a Smart TV. You can browse the net via the built-in WiFi of this device, download Android apps, use your existing Android device as a wireless keyboard, attach a wireless mouse and more!

8) LTE Pocket WiFi (Smart LTE Pocket WiFi Review)
Budget: Php 4,888 (currently on sale! Original price is 6,995)
Perfect for: Travelers, always on the go, people who needs fast internet
If buying a phone with LTE is out of the budget, why not buy this device and experience LTE speeds using all your existing devices via WiFi!? Yes, this device can give you LTE connection whether on your iPad, iPhone, laptops or whatever device you have! This is one of the most worth it investments you will make. Enjoy the speed!

9) Thule Camera Bag (Thule Perspektiv Camera Bag Review)
Budget: ~Php 8,000 
Perfect for: Photographers, travelers, teens and up!
Not only is this a stylish camera bag, it's also a bag you can use whatever you want to put! I also use this as my overnight bag, gym bag or everyday bag as it is very flexible in terms of usage. The inner divider can be removed thus making this an all-around messenger bag! For more info, visit Thule Philippines Facebook Page

10) AnkiDrive Starter Kit (Via Amazon)
Budget: Php 12,000
Perfect for: Kids and those young at heart
Let me use this video to clearly explain what this is:

11) GoPro Hero 3+: Black Edition (Cheaper via Amazon, also available locally here in Ph)
Budget: Php 17,000
Perfect for: Sports fanatics, videographers and anyone who loves to take videos
Take it with you wherever. Underwater, at the top of the mountain, on a rough and dirty terrain on a 4x4. You'll never miss a moment as you can record whatever you're doing using this GoPro! The Hero 3+ Black edition is the latest model as of Christmas 2013.

12) iPhone 5s (Get it the most affordable way)
Budget: Php 35,000
Perfect for: Anyone teens and up!
This is the latest Apple iPhone device. Not everyone wants it (*cough* Android fans *cough*) but whoever receives one will be happy of course! Anyone unhappy to receive an iPhone 5s as a gift can email me directly. I offer free pick-up of unwanted gifts specially the new iPhone 5s. Anyway, if we are to quickly compare the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s, here are their main difference: camera, processor, finger print sensor and available colors. Other alternatives are the Samsung S4, Note 3 etc. Check out Smart postpaid plans to get the best deals. What perfect way to give a new shiny in-demand device other than giving that with the best network available.

13) Vizio Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers (Via Amazon)
Budget: Php 15,000
Perfect for: Dads, husband, movie and music lovers!
First of all, it's wireless! No more clutter and ugly sightings of wire in your living room or your mini theatre. This device is also picked by CNET as the 'best product of CES'. I haven't personally listened to the audio quality but feel free to check out the reviews of those who already bought via Amazon. Low on budget? Check out item #5.

14) An everyday car or a sports car (Toyota Vios 2013 / Toyota 86)
Budget: 600k / 1.7m
Perfect for: Those who have budget and whoever needs an everyday car or a sports car
First, I don't think you'll ever "need" a sports car. It's actually a want. Depending on your budget, there are actually a lot of choices and brand of cars out there and these are just my top of mind. For the Philippine market, if you have a higher budget, SUVs are recommended because flooding is a natural occurrence. If you're looking for an everyday car, the Toyota Vios is a good choice. It'll cost you around 600k for the low end and around 800k+ for the highend.

For the Toyota 86, it's a poor man's sports car. Not literally as the 86 costs around 1.5 million pesos. It's dubbed as such because it is sleek, has enough power and is one of the most affordable when comparing it to other sports cars.

15) Your time and love
Budget: Priceless
Perfect for: Everyone 
I know some parents use material things to buy their way into the hearts of their kids. It might work at some time but it won't work long term. For kids, teens and adults, give time to your parents. Make sure they are appreciated. This is priceless to them. Make them feel loved. You don't need money to get that warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing you are loved and letting others know you love them. Love is free and unlimited. Give it to others :)

I hope you're feeling Christmas this year. Many say that they don't feel Christmas. Actually, it's your choice to feel it or not. Up to you :)

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