Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Smart Bro LTE NO lock-in Plan 599 / 1299

Last week, Smart launched the country's first ever no-lock sim only LTE plans. Although, you can purchase devices with it for a minimal add-on or even free(See details below), you can also opt for the no lock-in sim only plan. Just present a valid ID!

I usually don't do speed tests anymore when I'm happy with the loading speed that I get but for the purpose of comparison, I went back to a location where I did a speed test before. I'm doing this because before, you might think that there were only a few people using LTE capable phones unlike now.

Before, I used my iPhone 5 to do speed tests in various locations (read here). Now, I use the 5s but I attached my LTE Sim into my Smart LTE pocket WiFi. Let's see the difference of the then and now.

Here's the before:

Here's my test just last Sunday, April 27, 2014. (Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Circles Cafe)

...and it's not far off! Here's the good thing I found out. There are spots without LTE signals yet but for some reason, I get good download speed. For example, en-route to a meeting, I was doing some speed test on an area not yet covered by LTE. Here's the result:

Done somewhere along Commonwealth Ave QC
Why is this important? Because although Smart is the only network here in the Philippines who has the widest LTE coverage, you can't always 100% guarantee that LTE is available everywhere (yet). So when there is no 4G or LTE signal, you're network connection will shift to 3G or H+. This is why 3G speeds are also important.

Earlier this year, there was still no LTE coverage where I live. Now, there is already! Same goes with where my parents live. This just means that they are constantly upgrading without even announcing it. I only get 1 bar LTE in my place and I hope that 1 day, it'll be 5 full bars! 1 bar LTE is always better than no LTE at all. With 1 bar, I average around 5 to 10 Mbps. Not bad.

For the new offers, check-out the available plans I got off their site. (source:

Plan 599
Smart Bro LTE simcard
LTE Pocket WiFi [P4,500 one-time fee] or LTE Plug-It [P3,500 one-time fee]
Speed up to 42 Mbps
Volume 1.5GB

*No lock-in for the sim only plan
**6-month lock-in for those with one-time fee
***24-month lock-in for free LTE Plug-It or 24-month lock-in plus P1,500 cash out for the LTE Pocket WiFi

Plan 1299
Smart Bro LTE simcard
Huawei MediaPad 10 [2,200 one-time fee] or Asus Nexus 7 LTE [P1,500 one-time fee]
Speed up to 42 Mbps
Volume 1.5GB
24-month lock-in

More info, visit:

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