Wednesday, September 10, 2014

3 Reasons Why You Must Go to Oktobefest 2014 in Manila

Every year I attend the Oktoberfest press conference, they never fail to let everyone feel the real thing whether it was held on the garden pavilion or inside the ballroom. It always captured the ambiance full of festivities -- Bavarian music, games, dancing, food and of course, beer! It surely is a beer drinkers event but non-beer drinkers can also celebrate with them! I drank iced tea this year. Why not? Beer may be the main reason but here are other reasons why you must attend the annual Oktoberfest in Manila.

Reason #1: The food

Let me tell this to you straight. If you are a vegetarian, you won't enjoy the food much unless you LOVE sauerkraut. Yes, they have almost perfected it but this event is surely a meat-lovers paradise. How? Think of all the sausages you can imagine. Now, wake up and join Oktoberfest. It's really happening! Bratwurst, Weisswurst etc!!!

Other than sausages, they will also serve pork knuckles. Sounds family? (as the host of the day said) - It is also known as crispy pata! As soon as I went to the pork knuckles station, I requested for 3pcs of that shiny reddish-brown crispy skin. Oh yes, the crunch was satisfying and if I were younger, i'd have eaten just that, a few sausages and tons of rice!

Most of the food they will serve during this event are traditional Oktoberfest food. They will also serve Obatzda, a Bavarian cheese delicacy made by mixing two thirds aged soft cheese, butter, sweet/hot paprika, salt and pepper.

There is also Kartoffelsalat (German Potato Salad), Kartoffelknodel (Potato Dumplings), Semmelknodel (Bavarian Bread Dumplings), Goulashuppe, Pork Schnitzel and after that heavy meal take an Apfelstrudel.

Reason #2: Authentic Oktoberfest Ambiance

You should be aware that you are going to an event that will be attended by a lot of Germans. This will make the Oktoberfest experience even more authentic. Traditional costumes, chairs and tables, Oktoberfest decoration all around, those famous huge beer mugs... Check! All there! What's great is that other than the almost authentic ambiance (because Manila is not Bavaria), you get to watch and learn a lot of authentic Oktoberfest activities like yodeling (also activities of their bordering countries), whip-cracking show, cow bell thingy. All those are familiar as I've watched them when I went to Europe and everyone was in avery festive and the show was amusing at the same time. This year, they are even flying in an internationally acclaimed female yodeler named 'Lissie'!

Reason #3: Having Fun and a Helping Hand

Behind this huge event is a tie-up and without their partnership, Oktoberfest in Manila wouldn't be possible. German Club Manila and Sofitel, among with other partners are responsible for all these festivities! Why a helping hand while you have fun? Since German Club Manila is a non-stock, non-profit organization, the proceeds of the sold tickets would go to their charity projects of German Club Manila in lending a helping hand to our fellow Filipinos. Everyone attending gets a raffle ticket but you could buy more tickets to help further and you yourself might have more fun than expected. Why? Other than feeling good because you helped, those tickets can win you awesome prizes like a trip to Germany for two! I've also heard of other prizes including a hotel accommodation in the famous Boracay beach. There are tons of other prizes at stake! (Check out the sponsors of this event at the bottom).

In 2013, Oktoberfest in Manila was attended by over 4,000 guests and consumed 30,000liters of beer, 1,000kgs of German sausages, 300kgs of pork knuckles, and 250kgs of sauerkraut. this year, I heard they are doing better! Enjoy some traditional folk dance of Bavarian Schuhplattler, sounds of gigantic alps horn and Goalschalzer!

Who said you need to fly to Germany to experience authentic German food and to get a feel of the Oktoberfest itself? It's happening on your own backyard here in Manila on October 17 and 18, 2014 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Harbor Garden Tent. It's an event you must not miss.

Sponsors: San Miguel Brewery, Visa International, Coca Cola FEMSA, DB Schenker, Mhe Demag, Canon, Air Berlin by Etihad, Isochem Pharma, Bosch, BDO, Thai Airways, Mighty Corporation, Argonauta, Seda Hotels, Puma

Ticket Prices are as follows:
3,300.00 non-German club member
3,200.00 German club member
3,250.00 (from 20-40 people)

For more information,
Tickets - Contact German Club Philippines (632) 8184236
Or email

Accomodation - (632) 8326988, (632) 5515555 ext 6988 for room reservations
Or email

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See you there!!!
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