Friday, April 24, 2015

PNB Swipe and Be Rewarded Promo for April 25 ~ July 25 2015

It's here again! PNB Mastercard has one of the nicest rewards program among the credit cards I own. Not that I am proud to have credit cards but they do make things convenient. Just be responsible enough to use them so you won't overspend. Also, make sure you pay FULL and ON TIME to maximize the benefits of these promos otherwise, you'll end up paying more to get these so called "rewards".

Qualified charge slips can be used to claim:
Beef Pepper Rice at Pepper Lunch
Krispy Pata at Dencio's
GCs from SM
Discounts from Melo's
Discounts from Royce Chocolates

Promo as mentioned above starts April 25, 2015 and ends July 25, 2015. Terms & Conditions apply so better read them first by going to PNB website. The permit for this is DTI3084s15.

The basic swiping guide are as follows:
Php 2,000.00 for Php 100.00 GC/discount
Php 6,000.00 for Php 300.00 GC/discount
Php 10,000.00 for Php 500.00 GC/discount

Some may think that it is unfair to not include grocery or telco postpaid billings for this and I think so too. But rules are rules. Pseudo cash transactions are also not eligible. As soon as I get information on the rewards you can get basing it from your spend amount, I will update this post.

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Anonymous said...

may new promo din ang PNB, 50% off sa 100 revolving restaurant lunch buffet every saturday lunch

Anonymous said...

gusto ko yung royce promo nila

Anonymous said...

ok yung SM GC, sakto para sa back to school, need na bumili ng school supplies