Thursday, April 23, 2015

Smart's Exclusive Partnership with Skype Qik

I used to know them as separate entities. Skype is not something I often use before but it helped bridge countries like it was just around the corner, at a more affordable price. Qik is something I use to cover events and upload short clips to embed in my blog. There was a time that Qik was also in my  blog's front page and whenever I am recording something, It'll appear live.

Fast forward to today, Smart announced an exclusive with Skype Qik. If you combine what both can do, that's what you are actually getting. It's a mobile messenger app that allows you to capture videos and quickly send it out.

For 3 months**, ALL Smart subscribers in the Philippines can use Skype Qik without incurring additional data charges from their prepaid or postpaid accounts*. What's unique about it is that they integrated the messaging function. For example, rather than sending an emoji or "sticker" as seen in most messaging apps today as a reply, you can send out a video. To make it easier, you can also just get from your stash of pre-saved videos as a reply.

Each thread will be private so only members of that thread can see the video. After 2 weeks, the video will be automatically deleted. Perfect for those you-want-to-hide-under-the-rock-video-moments.

As briefly explained by Mr. Charles Lim, Smart's EVP and Wireless Consumer Division head from Smart, the way people communicate is constantly improving. I agree with him because I can still remember way back when I got my first mobile phone, everyone was CRAZY about forwarding jokes, quotes, and even just "Good morning" greetings. Those were the days. I'm sure our parents have a lot more to #TBT about when talking about means of communication.

Honestly, the most popular way to communicate right now is via SMS and Messenger apps like Skype Qik. SMS now is what telegram was before. If you need more details and information sent, use one of the many messaging apps available.
What are you waiting for? Do try it out now while it's FREE. Take advantage of it and be your group's driver of the bandwagon and let them all follow you. It's never a bad thing to be updated and cool!

For more information about the Smart x Skype Qik partnership, check out:

If you want to download the app, here are the links:
Google Playstore link for Skype Qik app

iOS iTunes store for Skype Qik app

*FREE for iOS and Android OS only
** Free Skype Qik access is exclusive to Smart, Sun, and Talk ‘N Text subscribers from April 22 to June 30, 2015.

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nakita ko nga yung tv ads nila eh, nakakatuwa.. hehehe pinakagusto ko sa tv ads nila is yung gorilla