Thursday, April 23, 2015

Win a Brand New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Sun Postpaid

If you are a Sun Postpaid subscriber, you have a chance to get lucky and win 1 of 30 brand new units of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by availing any offers from one of the following: Spinnr, GameX, and Buqo.
For those who haven't heard of them, Spinnr is a home-grown 100% Filipino made music streaming app that enables Filipinos to legally purchase, stream and even listen to FREE music. Prior to buying, you can listen to a short clip to make sure you only buy what you want. Offline streaming is also available if you subscribe to any of their packages that costs as low as less than 2 pesos a day. Offline streaming is somewhat like downloading it to your device so you can listen to them anytime even without mobile internet.

Buqo is your e-bookstore where you can purchase books or magazines for entertainment or even learning. Last but not the least, Gamex  is where you can purchase your game pins. Gamers would understand this well. If you have played games like Warcraft, Starcraft, or Hearthstone (Add me, Cheftonio), you can purchase your e-pins via Gamex.

As you can see, all of those above mentioned apps has a "charging" component. You need to subscribe to Spinnr if you want a premium service or if you want to download music. For Buqo, you might want to buy books or magazines. If you are a gamer and love one of the games under Gamex (Check out the list of ALL the games available here) then, worry no more because you can charge it to your postpaid account.

Currently, the promo for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is for Sun Cellular postpaid only but you can also charge your books, game pins or Spinnr subscription to any of the PLDT group network, Prepaid or Postpaid, Smart, Talk n Text, and Sun Cellular. If you want to win, better charge it to your Sun Cellular Postpaid account first. It's a win-win situation as you'll get what you want and you might win something extra. 30 units to be given away so there are more chances of winning!

For more information about the promo, check out:

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Anonymous said...

sayang tapos na pala yung promo, lookig for more promo and contest to join