Saturday, April 18, 2015

THE Samsung Galaxy S6 - First Impressions and Which S6 to Get

A day before the launch, I was still contemplating on whether to get the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or the Samsung Galaxy S6. Since the launch day will be the first time I will be holding a live unit, in my mind, I have already decided to get the Samsung Galaxy Edge because of its uniqueness. Until I got a hold it...

Looking at photos through the web didn't even justify a bit on how premium the S6 looks and feels like. The S6 Edge is simply jaw-dropping because of the curved display and overall design. With the S6, I had such low expectations on how it looked, that I was impressed by it. I initially thought that it would just be like the previous Samsung Galaxy S series -- which I am not a fan of.

Ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy S6. Believe me, when you touch one, you'll know it's far from similar. I got the Sapphire black unit to match with my space grey iPhone 6 Plus and when I got home, I took a photo and noticed something (see photo below, as posted in my Instagram account @AQC). Wow!

I was never a fan of Samsung until I tried the #SamsungGalaxyS6. This really is the #NextIsNow. Got the #SapphireBlack color and when light hits, you can see a blue tinge. Ganda!:) Get it from the best, of course ;) #SmartGalaxyS6 

I already forgot the last time I felt such excitement holding a piece of device like it is an art work. I can't help but think that the new S series was inspired from the Alpha line of Samsung in terms of build quality. Goodbye plastic-ky feel that makes it feel less than what it is worth. The new S6 really stands out in terms of how premium it feels matching the elegant colors it offers. White is the least exciting of all being very plain looking, just like any other Samsung smartphones before.

I was able to try the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge unit yesterday and the platinum gold is what I recommend you to get. Avantgarde design with supremely elegant shiny rose gold color. Nothing comes close to the new colors Samsung S6 and S6 Edge has. The last time I remember seeing such high fashion device was with the Nokia 8800 which was available in carbon, sapphire and gold.

If you'd ask me now which of the 2 to get, I'll immediately say that you get the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I can't elaborate enough how good it looks. To tell you the truth, I'm not even a bit excited about the "extended" LCD. Not at all. It's the design and how it seamlessly flows to the side of the device. So, you might ask me why I didn't get the Samsung S6 Edge?

I discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S6 from Smart was the "Duos" version. In other countries, people do not care much about Dual SIM phones -- only frequent travellers do. One for their home SIM and the other for their destination SIM. Here in the Philippines where you wouldn't and shouldn't be surprised seeing a person bringing 2-3 mobile phones with him, it's a big factor. I'm not ashamed of bringing multiple mobile phones. I have a Smart, Sun and PLDT landline+ (Stockholder?) and having the S6 Duos will reduce the devices I need to bring to only 2 (hooooray!).

Thus, it was a no brainer decision for me to get the equally elegant S6 Duos. First impressions? Other than the design that I have already talked about, it's very responsive and displays sharp and vivid colors. Thanks to the 577 ppi display but mind you, eyes cannot more or less distinguish ppi that is higher than 300. You'll just know that it's better than what you have seen before because this is the first device to have such high ppi.

Something I don't like: The fingerprint sensor on this thing is something I am not a fan of. Coming from an iPhone, you'll appreciate the fingerprint sensor for unlocking your device or authorizing purchases. The Samsung Galaxy S6 somewhat needs to scan my thumb 2 or 3 times before it gets it right. To add to that, the "backup" password in case it doesn't get it right consists of at least 6 characters with at least 1 letter or 1 number.

Something I am learning to love: The camera can now be launched in just a fraction of second by double clicking the home button (with screen unlocked). This is a very useful feature.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge have same specs and features except that the Edge has additional features because of the extra screen real estate on the sides. On the other hand, the S6 and the S6 Duos only differ on the dual SIM function and nothing else aside from that. From what I've read, the curved screen features are nothing much to be excited about (yet) other than being a very useful quick contacts launcher for 5 people. The rest are just notifications and bedside clock mode, which I doubt that many will use because you have to lay flat, screen down to use that feature.

So, which one to get?
If you do not care about dual SIM at all and have extra budget to spend, get the Edge.
If you want the best of both worlds, sacrificing only a bit in terms of design, S6 Duos is for you.

If you've heard, you can get EXTRA prizes if you get your unit(s) this weekend! Read about it here:

Check out the plans for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge here:

Check back soon as I create a comparison of postpaid plans for the S6 and S6 Edge from Smart and Globe.

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