Saturday, April 9, 2016

3 Decisions I Made After Choosing the Fuji XT10

I'm so excited to get my Fuji X-T10! I've read, compared, analyzed, redid all that just to make sure that my next camera would be as good as my old camera. For those who didn't know, my first camera was a Nikon D90. It has served me well and it is still working perfectly to date. I first purchased it last March 2009. Now, I'm ready to make my second camera purchase after 7 years!

The first hard decision after deciding that you will get an XT10 is the color. The Fuji XT10 is available in an all black or a silver/black combination (see photo above). I chose silver/black for the following reasons:
1) I like how it looks (subjective)
2) It looks retro
3) Fits black or silver lens (You'll see why later)
4) Looks a bit different than other cameras

You might need to know that the XT10 is an all metal body. I was initially hesitant to get the silver/black because the silver portion might fade easily. For the black, since it's all metal, I'm afraid that scratches and scuff marks will be highly visible on the upper portion of the body. I'm not a rough user but I just want to make sure my equipment is as nice as it can be.

Fuji XT10 kit with lens
The second hard decision for me (not as hard) was if I will be getting the XC 16-50 kit or the XF 18-55 F2.8 kit. It only took several minutes and a few articles to help me decide. I decided to get the 18-55 F2.8 because if I am getting it as a kit (set) with the XT10, it will be give me a better value. I'm not saying I will be purchasing my unit here in the Philippines but given the available price offers, here's the scenario given the cheapest prices I found to date:

Purchase XT10 body only (27k) + XF 18-55 lens (17k) = 44k
Purchase XT10 body with XF 18-55 lens = 39k
(Let me know if you are interested to know where those stores are. Prices were inquired just last weekend)

You save around 5,000 pesos and you can use that to buy accessories already! I'm going to get my unit abroad which I estimate to be around 35,000 pesos with 18-55 kit already.

Some might laugh at me but I think I already spent over 10,000 pesos in accessories for a camera I haven't bought yet. No worries because I know I can easily sell them if I decide not to get the camera. Here's what I have bought so far that might also interest you if you are aiming to buy a Fuji XT10 or if you already have one:

A) Soft Shutter Release (Click the image below to check out the description page.)

Got mine at Amazon. Although there are sellers here in Manila (not much choices), the review for this shutter release button is great. One of the most important thing you should take note of is that it can fall off easily. Make sure it is screwed on all the time.

B) Extra Battery (Click the image below to check out the description page.)

XT10 is rated to get at least 300-350 shots per full charge battery. I'm assuming that the rating is already very conservative and maybe with me, I can probably get around 200-250 for it. This is why I purchased this Wasabi set. It comes with a charger and 2 extra batteries. I actually purchased 2 sets of these just in case. I don't want to be in a picture perfect scene or moment then find out I have no battery left. Also purchased via Amazon.

C) Filter Set (Click the image below to check out the description page.)

I find filter prices here in Manila absurd. I know one shop (I know several camera shop owners) and they sell the Hoya CPL filter for 2,500 pesos! I purchased this set for just over $40 on Amazon and it comes with CPL, UV, and ND filter. Good deal!

D) Fujifilm XC 50-230mm f/4.5-6.7 OIS II Lens

Another decision I was making after I decided to get the XT10 was the second lens I will be buying. I researched a lot and read about the Fujinon 18mm, 23mm, 27mm pancake, 35mm etc. All seemed good and have strengths on their own but I felt like I wanted something with more reach. There are not much reviews on this lens but for the price, I couldn't pass! I checked out Lazada and saw that the Fujifilm XC 50-230mm f/4.5-6.7 OIS II Lens is priced at only a little over 6,000 pesos!!! Head on over to Lazada now if you are interested because I don't know how many are still in stock.

I couldn't pass on such a great deal! The only downside (if you can even consider it a downside) is that it comes in a whitebox and it is in color silver. I don't mind because that's why I chose the silver/black color combination -- to fit lenses in black or silver. For those not familiar, whitebox items are those that sellers separate from the kit. Maybe they sold the Fuji XT10 body separately and then they are selling the lens separately as well. Something like that. It doesn't mean that it is second hand nor does it mean that it is refurbished (unless stated). It's still brand new but it just came from a set.

So far, that's it. I think I've purchased a lot of items already considering that the camera is still not with me. I'm excited to test the camera out after I have purchased it next month. I'll do a review of the camera here on my blog as well.


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