Friday, April 8, 2011

Split Point Lighthouse - Great Ocean Road, Australia
Split Point Lighthouse. On the left is the 'Eagle Rock' (Image Source)
A little trivia about the Split Point Lighthouse:
The Split Point Lighthouse at Otway National Park was built in 1891 and was originally called Eagles Nest Point and was also called the White Queen. The popular children's television series Round the Twist used the area around the Split Point Lighthouse for many external scenes. The lighthouse features prominently as the scene of a murder in Arthur Upfield's detective novel, "The New Shoe" featuring his famous detective Napoleon Bonaparte.

View from the deck of the lighthouse. That's the pathway we walked going to the Split Point Lighthouse

We were booked for a guided tour here. Take note of the schedule as you have to either sign up or go early because they can only accommodate a limited number of persons per tour. Inside the lighthouse, you'll stop on every few floors where you're tour guide will tell you a some history about the lighthouse.

Construction of the Great Ocean Road, 1920s
Made by Chance Brothers & Co, 1886
Maritime Signal Flags and their meanings
Combine letters to produce the intended message using the flags.
Other than flag signals and history, here's what you can expect:
The tour guide will introduce you to a life of maritime responsibility, engineering perfection, a pristine Marine Sanctuary, cultural connections,  and ever-changing 360 degree coastal vistas.
View from the inside of the Split Point lighthouse
Inside the lighthouse
A small tea house by the lighthouse
I love the countryside feeling while I was there
How to go to (Directions to) Split Point Lighthouse:
Aireys Inlet is about 120 km west of Melbourne at the eastern end of the B100 (Great Ocean Road). From the B100 turn onto Inlet Crescent, then left onto Lighthouse Road and right onto Federal Street. Parking is available at the end.

Split Point Lighthouse is managed by Eco Logic Education & Environmental Services.
Guided tours are available every weekend and during school holidays:
  • 9am – 5pm in Summer
  • 11am - 3pm in Winter
Tours can also be booked on weekdays with a minimum group size of 4.
Note: Children must be 5 years or over. 

For more info, visit

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