Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lorne, Great Ocean Road - Australian Road Trip

A year in the making as you've read my intro post. This is one of the highlights of our Australia 2011 trip.Driving around the city, Melbourne in particular might be a challenge but driving along the Great Ocean Road is a different experience overall -- awesome experience, that is! If you have the chance to rent a top down sports car, do it!

Traversing along the famous Great Ocean Road
FYI: Drive on left in Australia
Our road trip started with a quick subway breakfast before we left our serviced apartment. We had to gas up along the highway because we were afraid that we couldn't push the van if we ran out of gas. It was also a great experience gassing up. Oh, they are called Petrol stations there by the way. Almost everything in the petrol station were self-service.

Welcome sign to Great Ocean Road
Dedicated to the workers who built the Great Ocean Road
Memorial Arch
After going to the Split Point Lighthouse and several other sights, we decided to have lunch in the town of Lorne.
I love how this small town looks -- so laid back and relaxing
It's a good place to stay -- eat, have fun and relax!
Some of the shops selling water sports related merchandise
Surfboards displayed on the streets
This is where we had lunch -- Chopstix Noodle Bar (A seperate Lorne food trip post will be done)
Road work -- Cool concept!
Well, since the road is under construction, this 2 way road will become one way. They made a portable traffic light to control the traffic in the area. As long as the light is green, you can reach the other end without any problems and vice versa as there would also be a traffic light at the other end. Cool, huh?

A camping reserve somewhere along Great Ocean Road called Wye River Foreshore Camping Reserve
Chopstix Noodle Bar
Cozy town of Lorne
Relax and unwind in the seaside town of Lorne. Its Mediterranean feel and charming scenery has attracted visitors for more than a century. Enjoy the mild weather, café culture, shops, boutiques and galleries.Natural attractions.

Visit some of the area's stunning surrounds in the Great Otway National Park. Discover the Erskine Falls cascading into a beautiful fern gully. Stroll along the banks of the Cumberland River or take in the view over Loutit Bay.

Sample the seaside life, whether you're staying overnight or just passing through, take time out to wander down Lorne's main shopping strip filled with boutique gift stores, cafés and eating spots. Relax with a latte at a sidewalk café, picnic under the trees on the foreshore or dine on freshly caught seafood at a local restaurant.

Lorne is 140 kilometres south-west of Melbourne, approximately a 2-hour drive. Travel by car via the Great Ocean Road. Daily coach services are available from Melbourne or rail/coach services via Geelong.
Get hungry and be ready to read the "BEST ICE CREAM*" in the world in my next post about our food trip in Lorne!
*of course, this is subjective.

Here are other awe-inspiring Great Ocean Road attractions:
Split Point Lighthouse
Town of Lorne
Lorne Food Trip
Apollo Bay
Gibson Steps
Twelve Apostles
London Arch
Loch Ard Gorge
The Grotto