Friday, April 15, 2011

Lorne and Apollo Bay Food Trip - Great Ocean Road, Australia

After a 2-hour drive from Melbourne with several stopovers made along the Great Ocean Road, we reach our first road trip lunch destination in a little cozy town called Lorne -- A quiet and charming seaside town and has been popular with Victorians as an ideal holiday destination for years.
Lorne, Great Ocean Road (VIC)
 The town of Lorne is best described as,
Bustling sidewalk cafes, superb restaurants, shops, boutiques and galleries combined with Mediterranean weather. It is no wonder Lorne was the first place to be declared an area of special significance and Natural Beauty by the Victorian Government and that was more than 100 years ago!
Looking for a place to grab a bite
Parked our car, grabbed our gears and we were all set for an afternoon-filled food tripping. You'll never feel tired because of the cool winds and relaxing atmosphere. Everything is so laid back down there.

Weather was very good for walking and it didn't take long before a restaurant caught our attention...
Chopstix Noodle Bar nomnomnom
Chopsticks holder @ Chopstix
Yey! We availed of their labor day special!
Chopstix Menu
LOOK! Philippine Style Chicken Soup!
Kung Fu Kway Teow | AUD $16.90 (Paid $15.00 - Labor Day Special)
Traditional Green Chicken Curry | AUD $16.90 (Paid $15.00 - Labor Day Special)
Emperor's Nasi Goreng | AUD $16.90 (Paid $15.00 - Labor Day Special)

BBQ Pork Singapore Noodles | AUD $16.90 (Paid $15.00 - Labor Day Special)

I ordered the BBQ Pork Singapore Noodles as I wasn't on the adventurous side that day. I was just hungry and I wanted to eat something familiar.Yep, I got what I want but I wasn't expecting such a huge serving!  I wasn't able to finish it even though it was very good. Tasty tasty tasty. That's all I can recall. I would surely eat here again the next time I visit Lorne.

Oh, and another cool thing about this restaurant? I discovered this super cool washroom filled with comic strips and karate sound effects. I just had to video record it and show you guys!

A meal would almost always be never complete without.. dessert!!!

Chopstix Asian Noodle Bar
96 Mountjoy Parade, LORNE
03 5289 1205  

We found an ice cream place nearby called Stone Cold

Stone Cold Ice Creamery
Old School Ambiance
We got 2 flavors - Rocky Road + Strawberry
Mix mix mix... mixed with candy poppers and nerds!
2 scoop of ice cream costs AUD $6.50 and per topping costs 50 cents. Our total bill for this was AUD $7.50 and it was the best $7.50 ever spent on ice cream... EVER!

It was the best ice cream we ever tasted! Mixed with candy poppers and nerds, the taste created by the two was intense! Well, for those who doesn't know, candy poppers are crystals of candy which pop and crackle when you put them in your mouth. On the other hand, Nerds (sold by Nestle, under the Willy Wonka Candy Company) candy taste ranges from extremely sweet to extremely sour.

Other flavors available...
More ice cream flavors from Stone Cold Ice Creamery @ Lorne, Great Ocean Road AU
Stone Cold Ice Creamery Cafe
Address: 114 Mountjoy Parade Lorne VIC 3232  | (03) 5289 1301 

That's one unforgettable ice cream experience coming from a non-ice cream fan. I rarely eat ice cream and when I was a kid, I very seldom eat ice cream. After our afternoon food trip, we went straight to Apollo Bay. It was a 45km drive.

Lorne to Apollo Bay (Great Ocean Road, Au)
So here's the scenario... I was so full, the sun was up and strong, the car aircon was cold and most of my passengers were half asleep then, I felt drowsy-sleepy and almost fell asleep.. thrice! Thank God for guiding us safely. Never drive full! Don't eat then drive under sleep conducive situations.

Upon reaching Apollo Bay, we first check-in at Sandpiper Motel (Reviewed in a separate post). This is a memorable place because this is when the magnitude 9.0 quake happened in Japan. We were all shocked that we stayed in our room first to watch the news.

Shocked | Watching the Japan Quake news (March 11, 2011)
A few more hours later after everyone's tummy was grumbling, we went out to find a place to eat. Yey! We had a hard time deciding where to have dinner. Went back and forth because some restaurants were full while some were alread closing. We finally decided to try out Apollo Bay Hotel.

Here's the menu of Apollo Bay Hotel:
Apollobay Hotel Menu

We waited for our order to arrive but dessert arrived first.

Apple / Strawberry Pie

Marinated Kangaroo Fillet | AUD $32.50
What's going to Australia without trying the Kangaroo meat? Although it was not something to rave for, at least we get to try it. Tastes similar to Lamb but I think Lamb meat is better.

Porterhouse Steak | AUD $33.50
We also ordered the Porterhouse steak. Nothing special to it but it was a good heavy steak. Perfect way to end a food trip day.

Pepper & Pea Risotto | AUD $23.90
Garlic Prawns | AUD $26.90
Good food and tummy filling but I can't seem to quite identify their specialty there.

It was a great food trip + road trip day and I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos and reading something about our meals there.

Check out the Sandpiper Motel feature and the must-see sights and attractions in Great Ocean Road Australia in our next posts!
Here are other awe-inspiring Great Ocean Road attractions:
Split Point Lighthouse
Town of Lorne
Lorne Food Trip
Apollo Bay
Gibson Steps
Twelve Apostles
London Arch
Loch Ard Gorge
The Grotto



My Lovely Adventures said...

Wow I got hungry after reading this post. It's always fun to do food tripping while traveling abroad. And the washroom looked really cool with all those kung fu/karate sound effects. hehe

Cheftonio said...

@My Lovely Adventures,
Yes, food tripping is and must be a part of a travel plan. It's digesting their culture one bite at a time. :)