Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paris, France: One of the Must Go Back Places

Our final destination in our Cosmos tour was Paris. Since the tour proper of Wonders of Europe for Paris is only for 2 days, we decided to extend our stay here instead of going back to London. First thing I noticed about this city is that the streets were full of cars! This was perhaps one of the most congested cities in Europe compared to the other cities we've been to (other than Rome). Most streets have vehicles parked in them and almost 80% of them were small cars and this was because in Paris, there are a lot of small alleys and its difficult to roam around when you have a bigger car. 

Tourist Attractions that We Went to in Paris:
The Louvre - This is considered to be the largest museum that I have been to. According to our local tour guide, if you will be checking the artworks in Louvre one by one, spending 20-30 second each, you at least need to stay for a couple of months to be able to complete them! I remember when we went there, the place was really packed with people and we could barely take a close look at Mona Lisa without squeezing ourselves in with the rest of the tourists!
Louvre underground
Versailles - one of the grandest palace that I have ever seen in my entire life! Growing up in Asia, the only grand palace that I have been to was Forbidden City in Beijing, China. Versailles is very much different in terms of design, materials and the era it was built in. The gates and the gardens itself defines what grandeur is. No wonder French people led a revolution against King Louis XVI and Mary Antoinette! 
Gates of Grandeur
Garden full of flowers at the back of Versailles
Another garden below the Palace
Avenue de Champs-Elysees - is considered to be the most famous Avenue in Paris and also in the world. This is probably because this Avenue houses not only the prime retails brands in Paris but also the famous French Monuments like Arc de Triomphe and Place de la Concorde. For Louis Vuitton lovers, this is the avenue that you should be heading to as Champs Elysees houses the largest and most successful LV Store in the world (according to Wikipedia.)
The busy Avenue de Champs Elysees with Arc de Triomphe at the far end
Place de la Concorde
Notre Dame Cathedral - This became famous to most of us because of Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. More than the movie itself, physically seeing the Gothic Architecture and the complex design of this cathedral allows you to appreciate it even more. After you tour inside, do take note of the gargoyles and the flying buttresses at the exterior portion of the cathedral. Considering that it was built during the 1300's, it's really one beautiful architecture that people admire and appreciate even to date.
Notre-Dame Cathedral
Eiffel Tower - A symbol of Paris and one of the first observation decks around the world. What makes this different is that compared to the other observation decks, this is made of iron inside-out. This is one of the key structures that every tourist goes and takes a photo with when they visit Paris. We didn't get the chance to go up Eiffel Tower because one of their elevators was broken during the time of our visit and the queue (even for taking the stairs) was really long - which is why Paris is in my "Must go back" list of cities!
World-Famous Eiffel Tower
Arc de Triomphe - It was made to honor those people who fought and died during the French Revolution. Underneath the Arc was the Tomb of an 'Unknown Soldier' that was added on 1921. This famous arc is older than Eiffel Tower and it also serves as an observation deck on top. I remember my mom telling me that it's complicated to go to the arc but don't worry because there is a underground crossing for people who wants to cross to the arc. DO NOT attempt to cross on the traffic circle as it is extremely dangerous!
Arc de Triomphe
Memories, memories! I'd love to go back to this city in the future if God permits! :) Share with us your favorite Paris attraction too in the comment section! We'd love to hear from you.

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